Friday, February 26, 2010

Just a day in bringing up Farheena..

I was intently watching my daughter trying to pass the string through the colorful beads she had spread in front of her. She was trying to make a chain for her doll Baby Jay. It was heart wringing for me to see her struggle with her eye hand co-ordination where as we all could do it effortlessly. At this moment my mobile rang and I picked up the phone to hear my sister gushing about her son's achievement.. He had won some competition organized by Horlicks company. I could not concentrate well on what she was saying because one of the beads had fallen down and my daughter was searching for it.. .. there she found it.. Yeah back to what my sister was saying.. he was one the cutest kids and everyone praised him there. I congratulated her and told her to tell her son I am so proud of him. She asked me where my mind was because she could sense that I was not totally into the conversation. I told her my daughter was making a chain of beads and I was amazed at her talent .. that must have shocked a mom whose son had just won a big competition.

How many of us realize that we all have our limits and anyone who can do his/her best is a real champion. It is not just the result but also the effort counts. My daughter was putting all her heart into making a chain for her doll and it was according to me no less effort than a child winning a big competition.

I used to be a tennis buff and watch every match telecast before I got dedicated to my bringing up my kids. I was sports lover in my pre-motherhood era. Many write off Ivan Lendl as a player who never won Wimbledon but for me he was the greatest Wimbledon champion back then because no player had ever put in as much effort to win that title as he had done. His style and game was dead against him winning the tournament but he did the best anyone could ever do. People will never agree with me and I accept their non-acceptance of my view.

I was not visible to my daughter; neither did she hear our conversation.. She was totally engrossed in her work. I loved her dedication. Finally when she was reaching the end … my friend called up telling me her son won the local cricket match … and she was gushing as to how good sportsman he is, what bright future she could visualize for him blah blah blah .. Like my sister after sometime she realized I was not totally into the conversation. I told her I was watching another great sportsperson and excused myself from the call.. because my champion had finally finished her masterpiece and needed my help to tie the loose ends.

I am very sure those two proud moms did not understand what it meant to me to watch my daughter do something with total dedication… she may not be champion by the standard of the world but to me her every milestone means a lot.

Baby Jay was finally garlanded and honored and she clicked the moment to preserve it in her album …..

Farheena the Artist

Farheena the acrobat...

Monalisa of lesser Gods..........


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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