Saturday, February 6, 2010

The last post continued...

I am actually blogging my response to your comments because they have been so wonderful. I am so grateful to you all for letting me know your opinions. I will tell why your opinions are so important to me when I can actually sit down and put those random thoughts bombarding my mind in order and words. I have actually been close to the question and had to answer.

Thank you so much Matty for your wonderful opinion. I think you are absolutely right

Alice the choice of death is not always selfish. At times people make the choice because they do not want to burden others. It is such a complicated topic and there are many sides to it. You are right about the way people feel. It is the main part of our life. We live in our perceptions as to how we should be and fail to see beyond it.

Anita – our life rarely has answers. It is kind of question or more appropriately put, a puzzle. No one ever gets to solve it or do we actually have an answer but are not knowledgeable enough to see it?

Supriya - I so glad to see so much positiveness in young people like you

Chocolate covered day dreams and Dina -As many times it has been said that suicide is a cry for help we do not have ears to listen to people calling out. Actually the question is not only of suicide which is sometimes silly and sad. I am sure we would all unanimously say stop. It is when actually everyone joins to think a certain person can stop living… Like Lisa has mentioned where death is slow and painful. When life becomes cruel emotionally. Dina- It is now accepted fact that those responses you mentioned are something that actually pushes a person towards suicide and you are right.
Gayle thanks for being so positive.. it rubs off on me.

And finally adding a thank you note for BM who gave me such a wonderful insight with her comment.

Love you all for the support.


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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