Friday, May 13, 2022

Fresh? To Home. I am Seriously Doubting That Name

After buying their products for years, I am seriously doubting the name - Fresh to Home after filling my home with a rotten meat smell. 

One thing I always hated - shopping for non-veg food. Rayyan refused and knowing him, it was a crime to send him to a non-veg shop. When we started getting good deliveries home, I started ordering chicken and fish online. Leaving one or two bad experiences the products were good and I was happy. One of the sites I usually ordered from was #Freshtohome. I trust that they delivered us good products until a few days ago. Farheena was on summer break so I decided to cook prawns and chicken. Since I was busy with work I ordered marinated products. As I cooked the prawns, I realized that they were completely rotten. I lodged a complaint with fresh to home. No response from them. Later the chicken was also completely rotten. I again lodged a complaint with them and that evening I received a call from their customer care. The lady tried to explain that it was an unexpected mistake, their products go through a quality check every time and they would refund or replace the product. I explained to her that this is a serious issue. It is good that the products were so rotten they were giving out a rotting smell, if they were just a little spoiled there are chances that we may consume them, leading to major health issues. I asked her to inform the store and ensure that this doesn't happen again. I also explained that I have a special needs person at home, and she may not be able to identify if the product is on verge of getting spoiled and consumed it. She told me that the problem could have been due to untimely rains and it will not happen again. I let it go at that. I had a few guests at home and I had ordered marinated chicken from #freshtohome once again trusting this will not repeat. To my horror, the chicken had the same rotting smell and the guests were disgusted. It was such a terrible situation for me to face. I lodged a complaint and I am waiting for their response. So far, I haven't heard from them.
I wonder how can a company that ropes in celebrities like Ranveer Singh and promises quality can do such a mistake putting the customer's health at risk? Is just replacing the order the right solution? What about the trouble the customers have to face moreover imagine the humiliation in front of guests when we cook rotten meat and the smell spreads around. Suggest me a course of action I should take now. 

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