Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Joy Of Lollipop – New Moto E Smart Phone, Smart Choice

There's no denying that candy is comfort food and it's affordable.
Dylan Lauren

Fortunately for me, today Lollipop is an innovative comfort which is affordable within my budget. Nearing my 50s I do enjoy Lollipop, including breaking the ones in Candy Crush game. But here I am talking about Android Lollipop which comes with innovative advantage that will allow me to play Asphalt Airborne 8 without wearing down my phone battery. Though named lollipop, the technology comes with a major difference from its sibling KitKat (another candy). Google is a well-established platform with its own credibility, and here we see with Lollipop it moves several steps ahead. You will be amazed to see the difference of Google on mobile platform. It comes with a refined look supported by great back-end tools and protocols that makes your mobile experience quite sweet. The experience is just like sucking on your favorite lollipop candy. Comforting, soothing and joyous. You don’t have to wait for updates anymore either.
Android Lollipop is a great customize-able  platform which is damn easy to understand and use, especially if you are an android user like me. I can easily transfer all my games and apps without any hassle to my new Moto-E  from my old android phone. I can further customize Moto-E to fit my lifestyle needs from simply altering the size of my phone icons and keyboard to the complicated games and practically functional apps on my home screen.
My work is unpredictable as I am freelancer. I am always running towards the deadlines. Nothing can be worse than having your laptop with all the training program of the day soaked in the highly unpredictable rains that lash out on Bangalore anytime. From the days of making fun about weather reports, today I keep checking on Google weather to know whether I can take out my two-wheeler for the day or not. I don’t have to worry about the phone anymore since it comes with water-repellent coating and Corning Gorilla Glass protect.
People who know me, even know the ugly truth about me that I love to talk. Now with the help of new generation of smart phone, I can use my voice to get things done. Wow! All I have to do is say “OK Google” to ask a question, send a text, set a reminder, and get directions or whatever I need to do for the day. I wish people around me were as smart as these smart phones and listen to me as well.
The design of new Moto E is soft on your eyes. The curved design is gives you an easy and comfortable grip on the phone, especially when someone you called for a tiny information doesn’t give that particular information you need but continues talking about everything else. That is the time when you hold your phone tightly and realize the soft curved edge helps.
Music is a stress buster and Linkin Park can chase away stress, especially if the music is streaming from excellent front speakers of Moto E.
Somehow, I have slipped down from high-end expensive phones to appreciate the latest budget phones which come with amazing features and cost you quite less. You will not even see the shopping reflecting in your bank balance. Look at the latest New Moto-E. Priced below 7000/- on Flipkart, this amazing smart phone has every feature I would require for my daily personal and professional use. The legendary phones are climbing up the price ladder every now and then, making me lose my interest in them.
Check out these amazing feature of New Moto –E 
·         4.5-inch TFT LCD Touchscreen which allows me to read emergency work related notes
·         Dual Sim helps me manage the my personal and professional life on single phone
·         1.2 GHz Quad Core Processor enough to run most of the applications, slide shares and games
·         Wi-Fi Enabled for broadband internet speed
·         Android v5.0 (Lollipop) OS, the latest operative system that updates without delay
·         0.3 MP Secondary Camera for skyping or video conferencing
·         5 MP Primary Camera off course we need that for special photos
·         Expandable Storage Capacity of 32 GB which gets full quite fast nowadays
I cannot convince myself to spend 10 times extra money on a phone when the budget phone gives me all the practical and necessary use of phone. I #ChooseToStart making new smart choices of savings with the new Moto E phone. It is all new sweet and smart experience that comes with using a smart phone which fits in like a glove to both my professional and personal lifestyle.

#ChooseToStart your smartphone journey with the all new Moto E

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Being Lazy and Cooking Easy

We all have dual personalities like Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, not to that extreme though. Don’t you see students who hate studying whole the year (Hyde) turning suddenly drowning in books (Dr. Jekyll) just prior to exams? An employee who hates office, showing enthusiasm for work in the beginning of month. A nagging wife going all romantic when she carries a shopping list in her hand. The examples would be unending.
I tend to the Hyde part of me when I have to cook breakfast, only to turn into Dr. Jekyll when I am preparing dinner for my family. I love to start my days by playing games, catching up with facebook posts (which I can’t do anymore), checking out my plans for the day, getting ready for work and reading news rather than spending my time in kitchen cooking food. In the evening when I am done with most of my work, I love to spend time whipping out a grand feast for my family (especially my two children who love any food I prepare for them).
Happy with Mom's food
I know how unhealthy it is for people to follow a pattern of eating no breakfast, medium lunch and heavy dinner. Being a loving mom, I see to it that my children get good breakfast, good lunch and good dinner without compromising on my own lifestyle. I often keep things ready to fix a quick breakfast before hitting the bed. That makes preparation of breakfast easy for me in the morning. I never run out of eggs, fruits, milk, bread and Kellogg at home. I usually cook something along with the dinner that can be had for lunch the next day as well, because there are times when I am working away from home, and cannot be there to cook lunch.
Rayyan loves Kellogg whereas Farheena loves eggs for breakfast. When I have to pack lunch for Farheena, I do get up very early in the morning and cook a good lunch for her which leaves me free in the afternoon. By hook or crook, I get the best of both worlds. Somehow both my children gain weight differently. Farheena, who doesn’t love chocolates, ice-creams or cakes is heavy whereas I don’t understand why all those weight gaining food doesn’t affect Rayyan. But they both have good immunity and seldom fall sick. They are strong and healthy. That assures me they are getting proper nourishment.
If you ask me why I would go Gupta’s home for a breakfast, I would say simply because I am lazy to cook my own breakfast. Any easy way out is always welcome for me, and off course there is the mouthwatering temptation of innovative recipes which I would love to taste. I do love any food that is easy to cook, healthy and tasty as well. I know it is too much to ask for, but Kellogg makes sure that it is not impossible.

Friday, March 20, 2015

From Being Bullied To Being A Bully

I missed out writing on 1000 voices speak for compassion last month, i.e. on February 20th. Building from Bullying is a topic I could not miss to write about. This time around I made it a point to share my own experience with bullying, because what I am today may have started with bullying in my childhood. 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

After Death, Do We Part?

I have always wondered over the phrase, “Till death do us part”. Do we really part ways with our loved ones when death strikes? We cannot define parting ways until we can clearly define what being together means.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Behind Every Successful Mother Is A Supportive Child

How much of challenges can a person handle? How much can a 4 year old child handle? Answering that question was tough on me when I was going through cancer. All the hush hush talk about my surgery was making my 4 year old son very nervous. He knew something was wrong with his Maa and that something was not good. We did not have heart to let him know that his Maa was suffering from cancer which was a life threatening illness. Also, I had no clue how to explain the mastectomy surgery to him.

Giving Yourself A Second Chance

Some of my best memories from childhood are from my primary school. My teachers were loving and affectionate towards me, though I was a bit of rebellious and naughty girl. I think I made up for that part by being extremely studious, up to date with my work and also the teacher’s chamcha. I always wanted to study and become a professional, which was a scary thought for my mom, who never stepped in school. She always worried about me losing my head by reading too much. I was seldom seen without a book in my hand, which was not appreciated by my mother.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Are Our Mobile Phones Replacing Other Gadgets?


Remember the days when 3-in-1 meant a cassette player, radio and cassette recorder all rolled in one? The younger generation would not even know about them because soon CDs replaced the cassettes and we had the cassette players combined with CD players in coming years.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

What Do We Want From Our Children?

What Parents Expect From Children?

Thank You Blogadda
If you were to ask the question ‘What do you want from your children?’ to a parent, they would find it very tough to answer. Gone are those days when you heard parents expecting the son or daughter to be a doctor, engineer, and many other such professionals; these are the days when parents want their children to be all rounder. They have a list of things which they want their children to excel in. The stupid ‘me’ lived in the notion it was wrong for us to pressurize our children to take certain professional of parental choice. The parent species has left me behind and evolved far ahead of that phase.

What Do We Want From Our Children? II

In today’s world when every parent wants their kids to be all rounder and want to fulfill their dreams through them. This courageous mother realized that her son’s happiness and contentment was more important than the ambition of having an all around performer. This post has been picked up by Rekha.

So after seeing the contribution of my daughter to my life in my post What Do We Want From Our Children?, let us now see what my son has contributed to my life. Let me introduce you people to Rayyan once again after bragging about him on his birthday.

Rayyan Lost in Laptop