Monday, September 30, 2019

A Special Person

Recently, I have been missing from social media. The #100RaysOfSon kept me on my toes for 100 days. This was the first time I felt connected to Cinderella by looking at the clock and being worried about it striking midnight. Race against time at 53 was fun.
Somehow I feel, I have to write about Farheena for the way she has made me proud. I would like to request everyone not to become judgmental about this regarding either the place Farheena works or the person involved in the incident. She goes to a wonderful place and people there are very caring and loving.
During the tea-break there was an accident and the hot tea from a boy’s cup got spilled over her shoulder. I got a call from the centre asking me to check on her and also get her a spare dress. I was quite nervous and worried as I rushed home, picked up her dress and rushed to her centre. I was worried about hearing her wailing as I neared the centre but to my surprise there was some extra silence in the place that day, and for some reason that increased my anxiety to the level I could hear my heartbeats. Then I saw her. She was sitting there calm and composed, waiting for her dress to arrive. I checked out and found that she had red rash on her back and her shoulder and also where the tea had soaked her brassier.
There was lot of guilt among the people around her and they looked worried as well. I could see that she had the burning sensation, but after the initial tears, she managed herself well was what they told me.
After changing her, I asked her to come back home and rest, so did her the person who was taking care of her tell her, but she refused. She decided to stay back, complete her work and come back in her regular timing. I tried convincing her, but she was firm on her decision.
When in the evening, as I discussing with her why she did not come back when she was hurt, she answered, “Things happen. Just because of that we cannot quit what we are doing. It was hurting in my work place and it would hurt in home as well. Why should I come home and hurt instead of working and being hurt? Just sitting at home is not making any difference”. I was quite taken aback not just by her attitude, the way she managed herself but also at the importance she gives for work and completing the task she takes up.
I never realized when Farheena was born, that she was here to change me and make me a better person. I thought God had chosen me to take care of a special child who needs a good mom to take care of her, but somehow I doubt it now. I feel he had sent her to correct an arrogant woman and make her a better person, a mission she has succeeded at.
Some people doubt that I am happy with a special needs child, because it takes in a lot of effort to bring her up. What they don’t realize is, the challenges here are very simple and basic. All it needs is a love, understanding and a bit of caring. Sometimes, regular parenting can be more challenging and frustrating as well. I may not be able to explain it others, but I really feel blessed and happy to have Farheena in my life. There is something so special, simple and different about her, that it touches me and brings out the goodness in me always. Someday, I will definitely have a concrete answer for that eternal question, “Why Me?”


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