Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Improve Your Parenting Skills – III

My kids were not answering me when I called them to come over for dinner. I had a tough day; deadlines to meet, argument with hubby and cleaning up of house waiting for me. I am not a pleasant lady when house work piles up on me. Upon that I had my son going away now and again, mysteriously sneaking out, since morning; without informing me neither about where he was going nor why he was going out for. His 10th standard midterm exams were just a few days away, and the boy instead of studying for the exams had been wasting away all his time being engaged in something silly. I was amazed that my daughter had joined him too.
I called over once again, “Hey kids, it is dinner time. Maa cannot wait for you till eternity. Come over here now”. I could hear my daughter whisper and then giggle. My son answered, “Yes, Maa, we will be there in a short while”. I lost my cool.  I stormed into the veranda to find them sitting on the wooden box which is something like an all purpose furniture, and peeking out of the window. I peeped along with them to find nothing. What is wrong with these kids anyway? I was losing my cool and told them sternly, “No long while and no short while, I want you here now”. With that I had them slowly and reluctantly coming over to the table and sitting down to have their supper. I gave them a big lecture on how to behave, how to be responsible blah blah blah! They silently had their food and cleaned up after them. I got engrossed in my work after that and soon fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up to find a very nicely packed bar of my favorite chocolate along with a painting from my daughter and card from my son greeting me. The dear boy had been running around to order a cake, find the biggest bar Diary Milk Chocolate and find decorations for my present, which came from his and Farheena’s pocket money.  To top it my daughter had made an amazing painting and card for me. I had totally forgotten it was my birthday!
I was so upset with them the day before, but I was touched by their love now. I am glad I was not very tough on them. I had almost lost my cool and was about to pull them by their ears to the dining table, but something a voice inside me said, “Watch out Maa, you may regret this later!” Thank God I listened to that voice.
How often we parents hurt our children in haste and then regret it forever? We parents get annoyed quickly with our children than with any other person we are dealing in our lives.
Not always it would be a secret surprise the kids are planning for us, it could well be their favorite game or a (face)book that is keeping them tied to the spot. Every parent has had trouble making the children move away from an activity in which they have been engrossed. Breaking cups, spilling water, knocking over your precious show piece, getting low scores in exams are all a part of our children’s growing up days. Punishment for those actions is an option and the choice is in our hands.  
 No wonder we, who have lots on our hand, get annoyed. We yell and hurt their little hearts and furthermore we feel the action was justified. Are our actions really justified? No, I don’t expect an answer for that question, neither an explanation. It is something I think; parents should ponder over when they are feeling happy and content with life, and especially with the kids.
As parents, it is very important to count up to 100 before getting annoyed with our children. Patience is one of the key ingredients in the recipe for happy parenting. It has been more than five years since the incident happened, but I have not let myself forget how bitter I felt for a while when they did not come over to have their dinner when I called them. It gives me more patience and strength when I deal with children.

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Friday, July 20, 2012

My Life Is a Collage

My life, of bits and pieces is a collage
My struggle, so well it can camouflage
Once it was broken and strewn around
Into tiny pieces all over the ground
There was neither harmony nor accord
Everything was dismantled off record
Slowly I started picking them one by one
Not quitting until the work is done
When I failed to fill in an empty place
Some angel stepped in with a grace
Making a connection with my heart
Giving me a bit of her/his life's part
I glued them together with will power
Working patiently hour after hour
I worked out the puzzle one piece at a time
I made the bits match and the words rhyme
Creating a new life out of pieces from past
I have a great masterpiece of collage at last

My life is as mine as it is of you
Strange it may sound, but it is true

 Farida Rizwan

Friday, July 13, 2012

The Princess Keshumati Chronicles

The Beautiful Princess Keshumati 

I am Princess Keshumati of the Kingdom Keshapura. My mothersays I was born a very beautiful child; so beautiful that people from far places came toour kingdom to just have a glimpse of me. The crowning glory of my beauty wasmy shiny dark tresses which was full and had just the right amount of bounce.
Knowing about my beauty made me pursue it more and gloatmore and more for it. I had many bird friends in my garden; who provided mewith beauty and hair tips to enhance my beauty. I would sit in my garden andlisten to them and take tips as to what was I supposed to do to enhance mybeauty. I wanted to have tresses that would surpass the beauty of tresses thatany princess ever possessed and would put even Rapunazel to shame.

I asked my friend and tip provider Sparrow to help me getthose enviable tresses. Sparrow said, first I did have to get rid of thedandruff from my head and shoulders. Without getting rid of dandruff there wasno way I could have those enviable tresses flowing down my back. Off flewSparrow and bought me hair wash liquid that would clear away all the dandrufffrom my head. I had a clean and clear scalp now but somehow due to the hairwash liquid my hair lost some of its luster.

My friend Pigeon was very upset that I went ahead with thedandruff clearing hair wash liquid without consulting her. She said I needed tohave the shine back in my hair which would give it a silky sunny look. So now itwas her turn to treat my hair with a hair wash liquid that would make it shinyand silky. She flew to a faraway sunny land and brought me colorful hairwashing liquid. That brought back some luster to my hair now and that wasthe end of my hair problems! OH NO!Wait. That was just the beginning of my tress stress.
The previous twowashing liquids had given one positive quality to my hair while taking awaythree or four more of its goodness. My hair color looked different, which mademe uncomfortable. I was very happy with my previous hair color. Looking at mysad face, my friend peacock approached me. Running her wings through my hair,she asked, “Princess Keshumati, what bothers you? Why are you so crestfallen?”I told her what had happened and how I felt bad about my new hair color whichwas dim black. Peacock laughed out loud and said, “What a silly thing to worryabout? Hair coloring is so easy that you can get anything that will suit yourface now. I will get you some coloring liquids from which you can make yourchoice”. Peacock was back in a jiffy with quite some coloring liquids in herbag.

I was quite excitedand tried two or three of them. Finally I ended up choosing my original jetblack color. I was happy for a while with the end to my hair problems. Few dayslater while having bath, I saw the strands of my hair flowing down the river.They were falling in hoards. I was worried that I may go bald soon at thisrate. Days went by and I was now facing the problem of hair fall, dandruff,lack of luster, damaged and broken hair with split ends.

My hair had lostvolume, luster and length due to my mistreatment of it. My friends’ the crow,the eagle and the vulture tried out few more liquids on my hair, took me to aclinic and tried many herbal medicines on my hair, which only furtheraggravated my condition.
I stopped going tomy garden, to avoid my friends interfering and damaging my hair. 

One day a faraway friend who had not been in touch with me for a long time visited me. MissDove was shocked to see the condition of my hair. I told her my quest forbeautiful hair which had made me lose even what I started with.
 Dove expressedsome sympathy towards my condition. Dove gave me a long lecture on hair, “DearPrincess Keshumati, you should be kind to your tresses. How you treat and carefor your hair decides how healthy or unhealthy it will appear. Your stylinghabits have damaged your hair causing split ends, lack of luster, hair breakageand falling hair. You have to be hair aware.  Let us check out your hair and scalp to knowthe truth behind your hair problem. Hmmm… you have done quite some harm to yourhealthy hair by using harsh things on it. We have to go for damage therapynow”.
I was tired oftrying to regain my healthy hair now, but the way Dove was analyzing my hairand checking it out before making any suggestions made me trust my Dove andgive one last try to get back my original beautiful hair.
Dove had series ofquestions to ask me to know what I had done to damage my hair so, and also howmy hair felt, was there itchiness in my scalp and many more. By the end of anhour or so, Dove had all the information she needed to know my hair condition.Now she referred to some books to check out the cure for my damaged hair.
Finally she came upwith a damage therapy for my hair. Out she flew and was gone for more than amonth. I thought she might have forgotten about me and sighed looking at themirror. It reflected my lack luster, thinning, and dandruff filled hair.
One month after shewas gone, Dove came back with her bag of Hair Repair items for me. I wassurprised with her dedication and concern for me.
The package Dovebrought for me included Intensive repair hair washing liquid, which had MICROMOISTURESerum and Fiber Actives to internally reconstruct my hair, thus preventingsplit ends and breakage.
A highly advancedcare and repair system of Fiber Actives to deeply penetrate porous hair to helpreconstruct it from within and Formula with patented MICROMOISTURE Serum tostrengthen and nourish hair from root to tip.
Dove also had in herbag an Intensive Repair Conditioner which could strengthen and made hairresilient to future damage without weighing it down.
The set of repair therapyDove had for me could deeply repair and replenish damaged hair due to breakagefrom combing. It also helps restore damaged or missing proteins, boosting innerresistance, and uses patented MICROMOISTURE Serum to help smooth the hair’scuticle and rebuild its protective coating.
In addition Dove hadbrought me an Ultra-light nourishing formulation which helped to
Control frizz andboosted the shine in my hair even in humid conditions.
Also I hadWeightless Nutri-Oils, to Smoothen, and uplift the cuticles that cause frizz. Italso deeply nourishes my hair without making it greasy so hair is easier tomanage and style.
I started followingthe advice of my friend dove ...and that was the end of my hair problems!  No more damaged and unmanageablehair for me.
Princes from farawaykingdoms are coming to Keshapur to seek my hand. I need to attend mySwayamvar now. Bye people. Take care of your tresses and listen to only thoseyou really care for you.

This is a fictional story written as a contest entry for a contest on Indiblogger by  Dove Damage Therapy

To find a solution to your hair problems and end it all visit

 Special thanks to Animator Rayyan for creating wonderful images for my blog. Thank you son. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Farheena’s New School and Smile on Her Face.

After struggling a lot for past three years, finally I have been able to convince my husband and bring Farheena to Bangalore. We both miss our Dina School of Special Education and Rehabilitation, as we were a part of it from its conception. Regrettably, it is a sad situation where the parents, teachers, and other members of society are not much interested in special education in a village. It was tough to make improvement s in the school as the management could not find good teachers, physiotherapists and other faculties to work there.
Farheena was also getting withdrawn into herself and talking to her imaginary friend because she could not mingle out much in the village society. People failed to understand her there and she started moving away from them. With Rayyan shifting to Bangalore, pursuing his dream of becoming an animator; Farheena was fast turning into a female Chuck Noland with me acting like Wilson. I was in a panicky mood and therefore started building up heat to shift to Bangalore so that she could be back with her brother and family (aunts, cousins and uncles).
Being Google brained nowadays, I searched online for schools nearby to Arena Animation and came across FAME India. You can know more about this school on their website
I was impressed with facilities like therapies, education and life skills programs. Here is a brief about their programs
Ankura:   Early Intervention and early stimulation services for Children with developmental delays aimed at helping children above the age of two in acquiring skills required for future learning in different areas based on their strengths and weaknesses. Parents are trained to be co therapists with the multi disciplinary team of Special Educator, Speech therapist, Physiotherapist/occupation therapist, social worker.

Aarambh:   Pre-school program for children in the age group of 6 to 10 years to develop pre learning skills through individual sessions and group activities.

Utpal I,II and III:   Caters to the needs of children in the age group of 10-14 years with emphasis on enhancing skills that are essential for activities of daily living, motor skills, cognitive skills(pre academic skills), communication skills and play skills.

Utthappan:   Functional academics are taught in the areas of language, numbers, money, time along with developing appropriate social and interpersonal skills.

Samarth I,II,III:   These 3 sections are for the students in the age group of 14 to 18 years. They are taught functional academics along with pre vocational skills such as weighing, measuring, needle work, paper bag making, painting, photocopying, scanning, lamination data entry and other similar activities.

Karuna:   Respite care for children who are non ambulatory. The aim is to maintain the learnt skills.

Uttejana:   Awareness programs in schools and colleges to educate children about issues pertaining to disability.

It was not easy for me to shift to Bangalore. The expenses would more than double up for me. I did not have to pay house rent, or school fees for Farheena back there. In Bangalore, not only the living expenses would shoot up, but also I had to pay rent of 7,000 and shell out another extra 5,000 rupees for Farheena’s education. It was tough convincing my husband to agree for the change. I used alternate methods of putting pressure and cajoling until he finally gave in and agreed to make arrangements for our shifting. But as usual he will do where he thinks he has reached the limit, whatever happens after that I am responsible. It was scary, but I decided to jump into the well the check its depth.
So finally the house hunt began. We found a home near open forest. We finally bid goodbye to Byndoor after 10 years and came over to our new home. There was a scary moment for me when I was not sure of getting admission for Farheena in FAME India. There was some mess up and confusion regarding communication I had with a person there who had assured me that her admission is secure and I can visit them after 11th June.
Let me not ponder over it as ‘All is well that ends Well”. Farheena is in FAME India and very happy with her new school, her teacher and her friends. She is fast becoming more active. She twice came with me to a nearby grocery store to shop for household things. She has found an amazing girl in FAME India, Manjushree from administrative department, who is available in reception with her bright face welcoming us, with whom Farheena is bonding fast. Farheena falls in love quickly and Manjushree is the one now. I find her chatting with her on facebook also.
When I took Farheena for admission, few things were noticed by the Mom in me. One of the most positive things I saw was the way the H.M. treated her with respect. Love is easy when it comes to Farheena, but respect for her wishes is tough. During her interview with Farheena Madam Kalaivani was talking about the importance of making Farheena independent. I mentioned the toughest part was allowing her comb her hair as it is thick, and long. I casually asked her whether we should go for a shorter cut for Farheena. It was my cunning way of testing the person to whom I was going to hand over Farheena. She replied “No, let her have her long tresses if she loves them. It is her choice”. That satisfied me as she was the person who respected Farheena’s decision to have long hair or whatever she felt comfortable with.
Not many people know that even special needs people have right to make their own decisions. Many have advised me to do certain things to Farheena so that her life and care taking would be easy, without even giving a thought to how Farheena might feel. So I am sure Farheena is in the right hands. The smile on her face and lengthy chat she has with me after coming back from school proves how happy she is there. Send your good wishes for her new venture to be successful for her.
NOTE: There is going to be garage sale in the school premises on 21st of July. You can visit and make the event a grand success.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hair Problems and the End Of It


Since the time I am aware
I have had my head full of hair
Without much fuss or without much care
They were always present there
Until cancer prepared a snare
To catch me unaware
The chemotherapy affair
Involved lot of wear and tear
And stripped every strand of hair
Leaving my head fully bare
Was it right? Was it fair?
To answer the question who would care?
Without the hair’s flowing flair
My head was exposed to sun’s flare
The chilly winds had their share
Daring me to venture in their lair
When in anger I would swear
                                   And try to pull out my hair                                                 
My bald head gave me angry stare
And said, “My Gosh! How could you dare?”
My hair brushes lay here and there
For they had no styles to prepare
People would give my bald head stare
And exclaim, “Whatever happened to your hair?”
Some made fun of my head bare
In funny jokes my hair they would ensnare
I would hide in home at times in despair
Not willing to hear what they had to declare
Losing my hair was worse than nightmare
This gave me a big scare
It was then that I became aware
How much I loved and needed my fuzzy hair
Since then I have showered them with care
I proudly say I love my hair
And that was the end of my hair problems and scare
Because all our hair needs, like children, is lovey dovey care!

I was one of those lucky people who have thick and strong hair without doing much for it. I can remember my thick plaits from my childhood which would feel heavy to be carried around, would interfere with my activities and would bring our curses from me. I never bothered to care or nourish it ever. It was my Mom who patiently spent time removing the knots, oiling it and combing it neatly while I read some book. My mom took good care of my hair in a traditional way by oiling it with pure coconut oil and washing it clean with warm water. She did not trust me with my hair care until I was grown up and married.

For me, the hair was of not much importance at all. I never suffered from hair fall or dandruff. I was always busy with books, games or being naughty. The two plaits hanging on my shoulders never did not get any love or attention from me in my childhood, nor did the single plait when I was grown up.
 The change in my attitude towards my hair came with the treatment for breast cancer which involved chemotherapy. I did not pay much attention to the part of hair loss which would accompany the treatment, because my concern at that moment was for the surgery, my physical changes, death, and above all my children. My major problems had pushed the impending hair loss to the back of my mind.
It was only after the second cycle of chemotherapy; when one fine day my hair decided to give me a scare by coming out in bunches as I tried combing my it, did I realize that I would go bald for at least few months and had to deal with it. By the time I finished brushing my hair, my lap was filled with enough strands to make a wig.  Filled sadness and bitterness, I was totally confused and I did not know what to do with it. I calmly dug a hole and buried my hair. My sense of humour was missing that day. I did not have enough information or coolness to donate it to make a wig. I had half hair still left on my head but I knew that in no time they are going to come out and soon I will have to deal with total hair loss bravely.  I could have shaved all of it and spared the trouble of having them fall down all over me, but back then, 16 years ago, not being familiar with chemotherapy, side effects and a young foolish woman, I lovingly held on to the whatever strands were left on my head until one fine day they said goodbye to my scalp and left it bare. It scared my kids to see their Maa with bald head. More than fear it was the concerned and worried looks they gave me which wrung my heart. If I were smart I could have shaved off their tiny heads with mine and had fun with a good bold and bald family, unfortunately, I was not cancer smart back then.
Days went by and I slowly got adapted to the bald head. I used to feel kind of cold and light headed earlier but slowly it started to feel normal to be bald. People would give me stares and ask questions at times. Someone offered me flowers to wear on my head as a joke. Some predicted that my hair would never grow back. Someone used my head as a band to beat on it rhythmically. I hurt inside but did not show it outwards. It was no time for fun for me. I was fighting a rough battle for my life and all these people could see was the joke on my bald head. Aaahhh! How boring life would be without such people around us (Sarcasm).
Unknowingly I developed a habit of running my hand over my bald head and loved the smooth feeling of it LOL. One fine day I felt something rough on my head as though it was having a bad rash, which worried me. But to my pleasant surprise I saw there was some hair sprouting on my head. For the first time I realized how much I loved my hair and how much I had been longing to have them back on my head while trying not to think about it. Soon my head was filled with rough fuzzy hair which I would have disliked earlier, but now, I loved them as new born babies and took good care of them.
I visited a dermatologist ad asked him for hair care advice for the first time ever in my life. I started using shampoo with less chemicals and mild on my scalp so that the growing hair would get enough nourishment. They came out very curly and rough than before for some unknown reason, but anyway I loved having head full of hair back again. They grew quickly as though they were longing to be back to the length they were before.
I realized the importance of hair and the change it makes to my appearance only when I lost it. Since then I have loved my hair and accepted it as a part of my beauty, my personality and ME. I brush it regularly (that is when I am not hooked up with a book), oil it gently, wash it thoroughly with a mild shampoo and appreciate it. Gone are the days when I used to wash it with any soap available and tie it up tightly after running a brush through it just once from the top to bottom. Surviving Cancer has taught me quite few lessons and this is just one of them. Learning this lesson was how I started to love my hair ... and that was the end of my hair problems!

My hair turned up more curly and short after my Chemotherapy. It was not the same type of hair I had earlier. I love my new hair. Although I have learnt my lesson and realized that I am same person even with the bald head…….. not everyone is smart enough to know it.  So my hair deserves love, care and pampering.

This is a real story written as a contest entry for a contest on Indiblogger by  Dove Damage Therapy

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

I Survived...

Never gave thought to anything else other than my children back then..
My children are my motivation for surviving cancer for 16 years.

I survived Grade (or Stage) III, Infiltrating ductal Carcinoma for  16 years.
Sixteen years ago when Cancer invaded my body and demanded that I suffer chemo, go through hair loss and give away one of my breast I did not actually believe I would survive it for so long. I went through my treatment grudgingly. I hated cancer with my whole heart and considered BC to be one of my worst enemies ever. It went on  to prove me right by taking away my sister and mom in years to come.

At the same time, cancer has shown me the worth of our lives and need to live life meaningfully. I have learned to value small things in my life through my journey of surviving cancer. I have blogged about my different experiences earlier to which I am providing links, which is a part of my survival journey. 

Chemotherapy .. hair loss

Do not surrender

Empathize with the survivor

Losing My Loving Sister

Losing A Mom Is Tough

Meeting my sisters in survival 

Cure My Fear

My Survivor Friend Paula Gerding

A Dream Tour To USA to Meet My Breast Cancer Survivor Sisters

My Friend Kathi

Monday, July 2, 2012

My Airtel Suffering......

For those who must have been wondering why my blog has been neglected I would like to explain what has been happening.
I was looking for internet services available for us online when I was contacted by airtel representative on 13th June promising me a connection in 3 days. I had few freelance assignments to complete and also my blog to be picked up. I asked him to check out all the feasibility and then make me fill the application because Internet connection was important for me. He checked out and assured me after sometime that connection is possible in 3 days maximum time. Therefore I paid the amount required and service charges for the salesman. I am withholding their names and numbers with a courtesy they do not deservešŸ˜ .
The connection did not happen in 4 days and from the 5th day onwards both the men who promised me connection were not picking up my phone.
I finally contacted the customer care of airtel who said that my profile has not been uploaded yet. Finally I got hold of the representative by calling from my son's mobile who said the connection was not possible because my documents were missing.
The reasons airtel gave kept changing from
1) Your documents are missing
2) Your rental bond paper is of low value
3) There is fault in our underground cable
4) maximum connections have been given in your area and connection points are full
The list would go on ...with every reason they asked me to wait for 1 more day.
Finally after 14 days they said the connection was not possible and the money will be refunded.
Now when they refund the money it will sent through cheque which will not reach us immediately.
The refund amount will be only for the payment made towards the connection. The service charge paid for the salesman is our cost. They are not responsible in any way for all the rest of the loss I have been through like loss of work, call charges to their representatives etc.
I visited their head office on 28th June demanding an explanation for their irresponsible behavior.
There I was given contact number of the area manager who was supposed to call me solve my problem. I gave up on Airtel and went to BSNL office, filled up my application and called up their manager before submitting the application to BSNL. He asked me not to submit my application because he will be giving me connection the very next day. I explained to him about all the problems the representatives had given me and the reasons they had given for being unable to provide the connection. He said he was efficient and responsible who had solved the issue in 5 minutes. He asked me to cancel my connection, go back home and wait for airtel broadband.
So I cancelled my good old BSNL connection and came back home. The next day I waited till evening and called up on the number of the area manager again. He asked me to wait for 10 minutes and then he was not reachable.
The next day he said the issue is being resolved and I was said to wait first till Monday and the now till Wednesday. Therefore I have not been able to respond to support requests, respond to queries,read and comment on blogs and earn my bread for past few weeks.

Apart from this I am having various
unresolved issues regarding Airtel. Last two months has been a horrid period of problems for me. I sincerely hope airtel will understand the issue and resolve my problem so that I will not be left with only alternative to port to other services which are hassle free. I have already applied for porting but waiting to see what airtel does before taking my final decision as I have had good service from the company for past years.

Issue 1.
On July 1st I have been charged rupees 120/- towards Internet browsing charges. The deduction has taken place sometime around 10 a.m. As i had checked my balance at 9 a.m. 1/7/2012. I am on auto renewal rs 10 for 100 MBs since 29th on 2G plan. Everyday there has been nearly 50 MBs remaining in my account as it is impossible to use 100 MBs on 2G. I contacted airtel customer care but they have failed to resolve the issue and insist the charges have been towards Internet surfing. I received SMS at 12:51 a.m. On 1/7/2012 Stating Internet pack has been renewed on my mobile. At 11a.m. 1/7/2012 There
Was 92 MBs remaining in my account. Kindly explain then why is there a deduction of huge amount of 120 rupees between that period towards Internet surfing. How is it possible that I had my pack automatically renewed at 12:51a.m, then have 92 MBs remaining at 11a.m but have no balance in between that period?

Issue 2.
I had recharged with rs 97 on April 6th to avail reduced call rates but was charged nearly rupee 1 per minute for nearly a week before I complained and got issue corrected. The extra amount I incurred was not refunded.

Issue 3.
I have been charged wrongly for Internet surfing many times earlier for small amounts like 20 rupees which has been credited once brought to the notice of Airtel. I am not sure how many times it may have skipped my notice and I must have lost my money unnecessarily for their fault.

Issue 4.
Considering my problems with Airtel I decided to port my number to another service on 14th June when I was contacted by airtel cc and convinced to stay with Airtel for benefits like lower call rates and free SMS. The call rates were reduced but the SMS rate jumped up from 50 paise to rupee 1.
As Airtel failed to keep their promise of giving me MNP benefits I decided to port again on 30th June whereby I was cContacted again Offering MNP benefits which now included free SMS and reduced call rates again.
I decided to give Airtel one more chance and put my porting on hold and recharged with Rs 200/- top up card. Immediately the next day rupees 120 was deducted for Internet browsing even when I had auto renewal pack running for my account. Making me regret my decision.

Issue 5
I sent SMS LAST to 121 and according to airtel AD-L5Debits: there has been double debits of rupees Rs 10 towards Internet pack on 29th June and 1st July. When brought to their notice the customer care promised me refund of Rs 20 which is yet to be credited.

How often are we cheated small amount of money from our cellular service providers? How many customers really have time to sit down and notice the balance amount in on their phones?
How can we stop daylight robbery by service providers?
All I get from airtel is complaints numbers like
CBDMO 20701405335
RPOCN 40630777337
I would highly appreciate a solution to my problems instead.

UPDATE: Finally rupees 117/- was refunded and my connection given on 7/7/2012


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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