Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Benefits of Coconuts for Children

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On September 2nd as we celebrate the World Coconut Day, let us salute the one healthy food that is as delicious as its nutritional values. Which other delicious food would give us the benefits of antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-parasite medicine all combined in one? No wonder coconuts are fast gaining popularity among the contemporary world of health-conscious people.

Let me list out a few benefits of coconut for our children to honor the age-old delicious drupe.

·         Worried about children playing out in the hot sun during the summer vacation? Keep re hydrating them with the nutritious tender coconut water.  It is sweet, has all the necessary minerals and vitamins and is very low in calories.

·         The antibacterial property of coconut water will help them heal from those bruises which are part of outdoor games.

·         For swellings and sunburns, the coconut oil comes to the rescue. Local application will take away the sting of the hurt and help in healing it as well.

·         If you are worried about the acne and pimples during the teenage, give them plenty of coconut water and apply it locally as well. It will not only moisturize the teen’s skin but will also eliminate excess oil, thus preventing acne.

·         The high calcium content in coconut water will develop strong bones in children.

·         The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that coconut oil as a healthy fat recommending adding it to a child’s diet. We have to ensure moderate consumption of coconut oil for it to be healthy for children, because excess fat of any kind can be harmful.

·         Babies are massaged with coconut oil for increasing their immunity. A few fatty acids found in coconut oil may have anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiviral properties keep them healthy in addition to the benefits of massage which increases blood circulation and stimulates them.

·         Somehow the coconut oil is not favored by flies or mosquitoes. A few fatty acids present in coconut oil work as a repellent to keep mosquitoes and flies away.

·         Coconuts are a delicious source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and amino acids which are essential nutrients required for healthy growth of children.

·         During the Covid19 pandemic, we are worried about the infections. Coconut water can be considered safe as it is naturally sterile so a child can consume it anywhere without worry of contamination.

Like everything, moderation and limits will decide whether your child will benefit or not from the coconut which is easily available for everyone.

Be aware that some children might be allergic to coconut, especially the oil. Check them for allergies before you introduce coconut oil in their diet or for massages. Also, know that children who are overweight or have high cholesterol may not benefit much with the consumption of coconut oil due to the it’s cholesterol levels.

Wishing all the children a healthy body because health is wealth. Stay healthy, stay smart!

Farida Rizwan

Senior Curriculum Developer - Chimple


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