Tuesday, August 6, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 86

Backpack Addiction

I come across the funny videos where women are seen pulling out various things from their purse. It is unbelievable but then I have seen so many things being pulled out of Rayyan’s backpack which makes it almost possible. Food, shoes, vegetables, clothing, devices…. You name it and he has carried it in his backpack. They are very misleading as well. At times when the things before me look like they will require 2-3 bags to fit in, but Rayyan easily pushes them in one. Sometimes my Geometry learning says that it is not possible by size and proportion, but it happens and I have to ignore my geometry. He feels incomplete without the backpack on his back like a turtle without his shell.
You may have seen addictions of different kinds, but I am not sure how many have been accused of being addicted to backpack. Unfortunately Rayyan has been accused of it. As soon as we start off anywhere Rayyan rushes to get his backpack. Be it a program, event, shopping, picnic or whatever the occasion, the bag goes wherever Rayyan goes.
Often, my family is irritated that he carries his bag everywhere and my brother strongly believes that Rayyan is addicted to the bag. He at times forces Rayyan to keep his bag aside and come out with him so that he can be de-addicted. No, he has not shown any withdrawal symptoms during those times, though he has missed his bag all through the journey.
Dramatic farewell to the old backpack

When the old bag wears out and he has to buy a new one, picking a suitable bag is a shopping program that goes on for 4-6 months. In earlier days when we wouldn’t shop online he would visit shops and come back dissatisfied and wait some more days to find the perfect bag. Now it is online shopping. He keeps surfing from one site to another, checking out features, color and sharing links with me before settling down with one bag finally. Sometimes, he visits malls to check them out before placing his order. Once he buys a bag, it becomes his companion for many days, roaming with him everywhere. The old bags become organizers for his files and other important things.
I haven’t put in my word yet to either Rayyan or others who find his habit of having bag with him funny, because I did not think it was important. But I have seen the transition happening in past 2 decades and how he slowly got addicted to the backpack. May be even Rayyan doesn’t know this but I know the ‘how and why’ behind this habit of his, because it has been very important to me.
Farheena has trouble walking on roads and she needs support. Initially, when we used to have carry-bags in our hands, we both would struggle to manage Farheena. I am prone to foot/leg injuries by fate and sometimes Rayyan has to manage both of us. If he has something in his hands, it becomes too tough for him to manage even one of us.

Waiting to help us at Pinkathon Event

Helping Farheena walk.. without his steady support, she is nervous

Judy and I struggling to convince Farheena to take the step.. It is not easy 

His supporting started with his grandma, since my mom had difficulty walking due to her spine injury and often needed support to walk. Those days, I was carrying Farheena easily, but later we started supporting her to walk. Slowly I saw that he wished to have his hands free and would use the plastic carry-bags in different ways to keep himself free to help whoever needs his support. Later, he found the backpacks gave him this freedom. He realized it saves the use of plastic bags as well, keeping our environment clean. The use of backpack happened for necessity but then he found it is very convenient to have one around. May be it is a kind of addiction in him now. I never felt I should actually mention it, until today. I think I should express my gratitude to those hands that are always free and ready to help me and Farheena who struggle on our feet and the bags that help keep those hands free need a mention in his posts as well.

Another attraction of the backpack is his love for cycling. He needs his hands free for that. So, unlike people travelling by motorized vehicles, he has to carry everything in his bag so that he can ride his bicycle freely.
I am not bragging here, but I do win something out of blue at times and so does Farheena and Rayyan, though they are not in my league. We may never know what we have to carry back. Trophies, goodies, gift hampers and many other things are just handed over to us at times. These do not come in sturdy bags but are either given without bag or the fancy gift bags. Having this backpack around has been very helpful in such times. It ensures that we do not lose anything anywhere because everything is safe in this bag. For all the comments my brother makes, he left his sunglasses worth 13,000/- in bus when he got off. Fortunately, I saw that and picked it up. We have lost small expensive things quite often, including many mobile phones. Because of the backpack, Rayyan has never lost anything in years. Everything is automatically shoved in his unzipped mouth and kept safe. All he has to worry is about keeping the bag safe.
Cycle, backpack, jeans and Super-hero themed T-shirts are a part of Rayyan. He feels comfortable with them. He doesn’t look a ‘Rayyan’ without them.

Monday, August 5, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 85

The Heroes

When we lived in Rajarajeshwarinagar, we used to come across a lot of film shootings taking place near and around the Best Club. Once, when I was on way to pick Rayyan back home after school, I ran into the shooting of a Kannada film. Since there was not much crowd around, I could watch the shooting happening clearly and naturally it was something that caught my attention. I saw that the actor in the movie was the famous Ravi Chandran.
I rushed to Rayyan’s school and picked him up quickly. On our way back, I did not explain much to him about the shooting because I did want him to be disappointed if there was too much of crowd and he couldn’t see it properly. When we approached the site, there was still not much crowd though some people had gathered and a scene was being enacted. I pulled Rayyan towards the actor and told him, “See Rayyan, that is the famous actor Ravi Chandran, would you like to meet him and take his autograph?” A very highly disappointed Rayyan answered, “You were so excited about seeing people? What is so different about actors Maa? They are just like anyone else. Look at him, he is not much different from this man here”. He said this pointing to a guy holding some sort of shields to brighten the area. He actually burst out laughing at this child’s words and said, “Ma’am we all should learn something from this little guy”.

Walls then 
And Now

 Gone are those days. Rayyan grew up with Disney characters like Mickey and Donald and became their fan. In fact, he was the one who enjoyed our Disney tour more than anyone else. He moved on to Batman and DC comics and later fell in love with the Marvel Movies. I am sure, he would not respond the same way to actors if he ever met, RDJ, Hugh Jackman or even a tiny character actor from those movies.
The love for superheroes may be something Rayyan inherited from me, especially his love for Batman. Somehow, DC movies (other than few) let us down. As for Marvel, we developed new love the characters due to the movies.
The Avengers series has caught him in its frenzy and he has been crazy fan of the movies. 20% of his communication has revolved around this in the past few years. He couldn’t wait for the MCU movie to replace Avatar at the top slot, and finally when it did, I am sure he must have celebrated secretly. He has seen all of the recent superhero movies within a week of their release. Sometimes, I discuss the old favourite comics I have read to him. We still have a good collection of them as well.

His first good editing of picture was of terminator, when he was not even into animation. He later developed few more depicting himself in the role of superheroes. I loved the creation of Night Wing the best. Since, it combines both his love for superheroes and photo/video editing together, he gets engrossed in it and enjoys the hobby.
He created a short movie where he craves for the superpower. It shows how his head is steady on his shoulders and how he enjoys the movies but never moves away from reality.
The difficult part in all of these is to find the furniture in our home arranged in weird way, running into Rayyan dressed in Farheena’s clothes, seeing him hanging at a weird angle or being scared by the way he looks as though he is turning into the wolf-man.
But, when I see the output, I feel it is worth the scare and tumbling around the furniture. Wish to see more of this creativity from him in coming years.

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100 Rays Of Son - 84

May The Best Sloth Win

Wherever we were traveling by auto to the beach, Rayyan would come by his cycle so that other children could join us. He would ride so fast that he would reach before us. This happens when we take lift and he comes by stairs. He likes to show off to his mom. Hmmm.
Back in Bangalore, with the traffic on roads, he reaches faster at any destination than us riding in cab or car. Now that he has tracking through the fitness band, the speed he reaches is and his heart rate at those peaks are quite scary. Somehow I have trusted him to manage and master that speed and I do not interfere in what he is doing.

Seeing his ease of riding bicycle, I often urged him to participate in bicycle race but he was not interested. I never pushed him much, because I saw that it did not mean much to him.
One fine day, he said he is participating in slow cycling race at Decathlon, because one of his friend wants to participate and he wants to accompany him. I asked him, "Why are you participating in a race that you have not practiced?" He said, "There are two more days and I will practice now. BTW, there is nothing to lose anyway".
I saw him practising for a few hours and did not pay much attention even when he went out to the competition.
After a few hours I got his call, "Maa, I won the competition and a bicycle as the first price". "What! How is that possible?"
"I don't know. But I did it". Somehow, it was difficult for me to accept this since I never knew his expertise in this area and it looked like a fluke.

I told him the same when he came back. But in few months time, at another event in Bangalore, Rayyan won the competition very easily with a higher margin. The price this time was an indoor plant. 

Then he won again at another event in Bangalore. He won it without losing one single time he participated. Finally, I had to agree he had skill to cycle slow. When I asked him to give me a demo, I saw him riding in our hall for 15 minutes. He was like a sloth.
Then I realised that he did not need practice because the bicycle is to Rayyan like the shell is to tortoise. He has been on it since his childhood, not just riding but sitting, jumping, standing and doing all sorts of activities easily.
I was happy that finally he was into competitions and winning rather than explaining it to me in weird way. I hoped he would change and may be in time would start racing... But Rayyan did not participate in those competitions anymore. He was back to enjoying his rides freely....

Saturday, August 3, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 83

The Art Of Deliberation

The speed of any vehicle or completing a task has never been Rayyan’s goal but it came naturally to him. He is fast on his bicycle and other non-motorized wheels, but on motorised vehicles he is moderately fast. When we all crave for the speed and rush of the adrenaline, Rayyan on the other hand, tries to master slowness and deliberations in his life. In fact, he has given me the best insight on what we term as ‘Instant Gratification’ and I have changed a lot due to his insight. This was not something that came to him from me. Though I know, we have so many similarities and I am sure that he is my own flesh and blood, there are some traits in him which I am complete stranger to. I love change and get bored quite quickly, but Rayyan loves his old things quite a lot. He doesn’t like to buy new to replace the old. We all often donate our used things, but if I ever give Rayyan’s footwear to someone, they are going to hit me back with the same footwear. It will be in that condition.

Jay gave a hoodie to Rayyan when he was riding in the open car with him. Recently, Jay was surprised to see Rayyan was still wearing the same hoodie after a decade. I found it very funny because this was the guy who wore a Mickey Mouse T-shirt I bought him for his 6th birthday till he was 18/19. 

I am glad I have pictures to prove that, because I find that difficult to believe now.
He had three rough note books throughout his high school years and they are still with him being used for taking notes at times.
During his childhood, I would visit the Nilgiri store on Brigade road to buy certain food items for him. Even if he liked a candy, he would never gorge himself with them. He would patiently eat just one and wait until next day for the other. Even when his dad brought chocolates or any other food from Dubai, he would never eat more than what he is meant to. I would sometimes urge Rayyan to have one more chocolate because I was tempted and did not want to eat more than the child in front of me. For all these years, he has said the same thing, “Maa if you want, you can eat as many as you want. But I don’t want to overdo it”. He is smart enough to keep away his share from us greedy people. On the other hand, Farheena will either refuse to touch the food, or finish it off completely.
I never had to go shopping again and again for his food during those early years. I used fill the boxes and trust Rayyan to finish them on time. But, in case there was another child visiting us, those boxes that lasted Rayyan for 15-30 days, would be empty in a day. Sometimes, when I would cook something very delicious, Rayyan would eat half of it for lunch, and keep the other half for dinner. Farheena and I, on the other hand would eat our share and then look temptingly at his luxury dinner while we ate plain food. Sometimes, he has shared a bit of it with us.
Whenever I would promise him that I will buy a toy for him when I can afford it, Rayyan always has waited with patience. Not once has he mentioned it or reminded me about my promise. The couple at a shop we frequently visited would tell say that I was very lucky to have this child. We would visit them to buy candies, biscuits, rent cassettes or buy small toys. They were childless couple. She once told me, “When I see children visiting our shop and creating the fuss, I feel it is great to be without children of my own. But, when I see Rayyan, I feel I should have a child”. That was quite amazing and sentimental for me to hear from her. They would always bring in new stocks, which were very attractive. I would at times be tempted to spend all the money in my purse on buying goodies. Rayyan who was around 5/6 would warn me not indulge in shopping too much, even when I was buying things any child would crave for. More often, I have played the role of a spoiled child and Rayyan the disciplined parent in our lives.

He has had one skateboard and one wave-board so far, even though the skateboard has been worn out. As long as he use something, he keeps using them. It is only when he cannot use it anymore does he replace it. The advertisements of new things in the market has never tempted him, even the electronic devices.
Once when we in a supermarket and we came across dragon fruit for the first time. I was surprised at the price tag which was 480/- for a single fruit. Though I wanted to buy it, Rayyan stopped me saying it was not worth it. The cost never came down below 300/- and Rayyan would ask to me wait. Finally I bought after many years for 49/- rupees. Rayyan clicked a picture which tells me that “Fruits of patience are cheap”.

He preserved his Lego collection for all these years and I find him playing with them even now. Though they did not come cheap, I feel it has been worth buying it for him.
Along with this comes his natural way of adapting to situations without much difficulty. Even as a child, he has been tossed between my home and my in laws home which were two extremes. When he would be in Byndoor, he would never complain about anything ever but would adapt to that place and people. During family gathering there is one pillow short, Rayyan will be the first one to make a pillow for himself with any towel laying around.
When his first job was at Digital Juice for night shift, I was wondering whether it was the right choice. I was surprised when he not only managed his night shift, but also helped me manage my day job by picking up Farheena when she came back from work.
Though initially I did not give much importance to this, as life moved on, I have realized what a precious gift this has been to Rayyan. People never consider virtues like adaptability, patience or peacefulness as a gift, but they often admire and crave for something like talent or skill which brings in pride, ego and yeah, the wealth as well. But when I see all those celebrities who have been victims of suicides, I realize that the real gift we should recognize is the calmness, patience, adaptability, acceptance and such virtues which brings in happiness to not only the person possessing them, but also to others around them. Rayyan, for sure has brought in that happiness to all of us. I am sure he is gifted though not many would agree with me.
Finally what matters is how peacefully you can sleep

Friday, August 2, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 82

The Person Who Makes People Fight

Do you remember that puzzle which goes something like - There are 10 people in a room. If each person shakes hands with all others, what is the total number of handshakes - ? Now replace that puzzle with my family and fights between all of us ‘x’ number of times.
Rayyan is a calm and peaceful person, who may not know how to fight. Tell me, how will he not fight at all, with anyone for that matter, if he knew how to fight? Now, that doesn’t mean there has been no fights because of him. If I check out my family, all of us have fought with each other defending Rayyan at one time or other.
In childhood, Rayyan had this habit of winking his big eyes and throwing a confused look at the person who is attacking him, be it physically or verbally. He did not have the defence mechanism of shouting, crying, creating a scene or fighting back. Of course, fighting back was not even possible if the person who is attacking him is an adult. This sight could move even a very hard hearted person to jump in defence of the child who found himself lost in the situation. Since he doesn’t respond angrily or defend himself, any person in the vicinity will jump to defend him without giving it a second thought. This includes my sister’s husband and my brother’s wife, apart from our neighbours, friends and complete strangers as well.
Sometimes I feel Rayyan could have responded like us mortal emotional humans, so that we did not have to act like stupid people fighting over silly things about a child. Surila, my elder sister and my mom favoured my husband quite a lot. He had rough childhood and took up burden of his mom, dad, siblings and worked hard to make their life comfortable. Whenever I had a tiff with him, they would jump in his support. But, when it came to Rayyan, my mom and my sister both fought fiercely with him.
When Rayyan was born, his father was not around and came back only when he was 14 months old. He went back after 5 months and came back when he was around 3. Nor did this help them to build a bond between them, neither did it help them understand each other properly. There was even the language barrier. Having a tough childhood, my husband could not understand, digest or cope with the fuss my family created around Rayyan. Soon, he also realized this is the good way to black mail me as well. Any issue we had, he would target Rayyan and all the chaos would erupt around me. In fact, I think he succeeded in his plans to some extent.
Once Rayyan came crying in when I was sick with morning sickness in full swing. When asked he said “Abba hit me on my head because I was riding scooter inside house”. I had heard my MIL complain about it to him earlier and got angry that he hit the child blindly without trying to explain. I told my husband that I had allowed it, and he should have explained instead of hitting him. We were having argument over this issue when my mom who was visiting us, took Rayyan away to my neighbours for his safety. My husband insisted that he did not hit Rayyan while I was sure that Rayyan wouldn’t lie. This angered my husband and he wanted to bring Rayyan to settle the issue. Rayyan was just around 3. He rushed to my neighbour’s home and demanded my mom to hand over Rayyan to him. My mom asked “why?” In anger he retorted, “I will take my son with me and do whatever I want to do with him. If I want, I will throw him well. Don’t interfere in my family matter”. All my mom heard was, “I will throw him well” and nothing else. She held on tight to Rayyan and my husband tried to snatch Rayyan from her. It is very embarrassing to write how this would have looked and that I come from the family of savages.  I don’t know what happened, but after sometime my husband returned, defeated, without Rayyan. Actually my neighbour said, he had no chance of even touching Rayyan there. Since then, there has always been this fight as to who has right over Rayyan while the poor child watched helplessly.
Another incident happened in my home when my mom gave Rayyan an apple to eat in the morning. My husband says Rayyan was eating apple without brushing and said, “Khulli karke khana”, which in Urdu means, eat after rinsing your mouth with water. This poor child did not know the meaning of Khulli and sat there confused. His dad looked so angry that he did not dare ask him anything. I was just out of my mastectomy surgery and everyone was stressed. Somehow, Rayyan’s confusion and silence without any response angered him and he pulled Rayyan towards the bathroom. I did not interfere because I did not want Rayyan to develop a bad relationship with his father and also not to feel that he has no right over him. I tried very hard for him to have a healthy relationship with everyone, especially his father since I was not sure what cancer would do to me. I was physically tired as well. There he kept insisting “rinse your mouth, rinse your mouth” over and over like a crazy person while Rayyan stood in fear dumbfounded not knowing what to do. By then, my patience wore off and I walked towards them to see that he picked up a bucket of cold water and splashed in on the poor scared child. When I entered, the poor shivering child looked up and asked, “What is khulli maa, how do we do it?” I hope this explains why everyone fights for Rayyan. I don’t want to dwell on what I went through then. . I wonder how he found this peace when his childhood was so rough! The water splashing incident is something he remembered for a long time.
I have never seen a child not to shout, cry or throw tantrum when someone hits them or shouts at them apart from Rayyan. Even Farheena will shout “Maa” in a thundering voice when she smells even a bit a danger from anything or anyone. She can fight it out quite roughly and will not let an issue go, until it is settled in her favour.
Apart from the serious issues, there have been silly incidents which leads to fights. Like someone wants Rayyan to finish whatever is on his plate while the other would want him to eat how much he can. I would say, finish your homework before you play and my brother would fight with me saying he should play first and then do his homework. Which shirt he should wear would be the cause of  fight between my sisters. All this because the person who was supposed to talk, would just watch and would go with whoever won the fight. He would never say anything in response.
I thought this would end when Rayyan grows up, but unfortunately that did not happen. When I was visiting USA, an officer at the JFK scolded me for giving excess baggage for Rayyan to hold. I tried to explain that I had Farheena to take care off but he wouldn’t listen. He gave me a “You monster mom” look. During our stay there, many jumped in his defence for silly issues, with Jay contributing the most.
When I underwent surgery for polyps, the doctor was worried about how Rayyan is managing everything rather than worrying about me, his patient. He kept assuring him that he could relax since the hospital staff would take care of mom. They did not….
My brother has great respect for my husband and has never fought with him. But last year, he too fought with my husband because he kept verbally abusing Rayyan because of his non-religious ways. I sometimes hear from his friends as well, how they have been angered when Rayyan doesn’t respond to bullying, teasing or any form of negativity from people around him and they have jumped in to defend him.
Yesterday, I fought with Farheena in Rayyan’s defence and finally I realized this is not going to end anytime soon. Better include as a ray in this series. The puzzle of how many fights will always remain a puzzle.
BTW, as a child I thought Rayyan was scared and confused about how to respond to people, but now I am not sure what he thinks when he remains calm without a twitch when someone is shouting and throwing abuses at him. I have never seen someone target him because he was at fault, and I am sure I would erupt like a volcano in such situations. Like, once his paternal uncle barged into his room and shut down the PC and pulled out plugs when he was playing games with his friends (yes in his own room). Rayyan was in college back then. He also threw lot of filthy words and verbal abuses at Rayyan but he was calm. I heard about this from my neighbour. I am sure if I was around, it would have stopped at the door of my room with a bang. I do not recall Rayyan provoking anyone other than Farheena, whom he teases for missing her workouts or being too lazy.
Somehow, I feel the look on his face says, “I don’t think it is worth fighting it out with this person. He/she doesn’t seem good enough for me to put some sense into them”. Somehow the calmness says that those who are giving in to anger and fighting are ‘Stupid’ though he doesn’t agree with this and says, he simply doesn’t feel like responding. But, there has to be a reason for it, right?
On the other hand, Rayyan never looks down upon me for my fighting spirit and usually passes good comments about the way I am. His compliments are quite pleasant and funny. He has never stopped me from fighting with anyone. Now, it is my turn to be confused and blink ……

Thursday, August 1, 2019

100 Rays Of Son - 81

Play By Rules

Image may contain: outdoor and nature
This was scary to look at. I have another similar scary picture which sometimes makes me feel that I shouldn't have given him all the freedom

When I was 7, I fell down from the chair I was sitting and fractured my leg. I have suffered from almost 6 different fractures throughout my life so far. I was not into adventure sports and all my injuries, burns, fractures/chip in bones happened when I was just walking on the road, sitting on the chair, ironing clothes or coming inside the home from bathroom which was just a little distance from home. Both my knees are full of scars. If you are in for a horror show, I can send some pictures of my recent injuries to you.
So far Rayyan has had two major injuries throughout his life. One was a cut which required 4 stitches near his thick eyebrows caused by a child pushing him on to a pole from behind when they were playing football. Another was on the eyelid when a child sitting down, jumped up and hit his head on Rayyan’s face causing a cut on the eyelid. It required 3 stitches. I don’t think he has any other injuries which I can recall.
Image may contain: 2 people, shoes, tree, grass, outdoor and nature
Give him a hanging rope and he goes back to the days when we were Monkeys
Rayyan has been very active, yet he has not suffered falls, accidents, burns or wounds like me. I wonder why? Is life unfair? The answer is simple. He is alert and concentrates on what he is doing and he always follows the rules. Rules do not include blind beliefs or rituals for him. He will follow rules which have been established with a logic behind them.
I am not sure how many people follow all traffic rules meant for vehicles when they are cycling. Rayyan does though.
Few years ago, we were supposed to meet at a place near Central Mall and I was waiting for Rayyan to come from his PG. I saw him come towards me from an opposite road on his bicycle. I waved at him, but he just went to the right and kept riding. I picked up my phone and called him, but no answer. Tempted by the ice-cream shop in front of me, I was wondering how much weight I should gain to become visible to him, I saw him coming back towards me.
“I was waving at you. How could you not see me?”
“I saw you maa. That is why I am here”.
“So why did you go to the right and come back after 15 minutes instead of crossing the road?”
“I went to find the ‘U’ turn”.
“There were no vehicles. You were on bicycle. You can cross the road easily”
“No maa. It is not to show others that I follow traffic rules. I follow it for my safety and the safety of fellow travellers. I did not pick your call because I was riding, and you know we shouldn’t talk on phone when we are riding”.
I change the topic because I do not want to dwell on this and get embarrassed. When I allowed Rayyan to do weird tricks with bicycle, dive in pools without a trainer, climb up hills, mountains and ghats by foot or bicycle, I was warned by many people that he may suffer serious injury. In fact, one cruel person told me that I already have a child who is having tough time walking and I am trying to change the other one to be the same. Touchwood, so far those predictions have not come true.
With Rayyan and his adventures I have learned some lessons. It is not what we do that becomes dangerous but how we do it and how much we are focussed on what we are doing that makes a difference. Off course this does not apply to all adventures. My wandering mind is what has caused my falls where as Rayyan’s wandering physically has kept him safe. Can I change and wander safely? No. That is not possible for me. I cannot ignore the phone when it rings like Rayyan does. I cannot shut myself off when I am driving. I cannot ignore the ticking time and keep the same pace when I am late. As for driving, I should also appreciate my brother who drives quite fast, but always is highly focused on road and is quite safe driver. Concentration and alertness plays a big role in our safety on roads.
Whenever I am riding with Rayyan on a two wheeler and we are late to reach a destination, I cannot help but prod him to hurry up. Unfortunately, it has no effect on Rayyan. He usually responds calmly saying that we will anyway make a difference of just 10 minutes or so and not much. Better be late than never. I have never been able to make him hurry up, take a wrong turn, jump a signal or ignore any signs. If the sign says stop, he will, even if he is the only person on the road.
This has been sometimes very frustrating for me, but I haven’t been able to hit or slap him for what he is doing.
More frustration comes my way when he has to start driving. He will never go on the road, until he is sure that he can ride the vehicle properly. How will he be good at it without taking the risk of entering the road? I have seen his drama of watching youtube videos and knowing his bike thoroughly before entering the road. I keep pushing him, but it doesn’t work at all. What works for me is knowing that I don’t have to worry about my child when he is out there. He keeps himself safe. He uses all the safety guards, helmet and plays by the rule. As for his mom, she is trying hard to learn her lessons from her son and you should appreciate her for that.
Image may contain: 1 person, shoes, plant and outdoor
I don't know why he likes this pose ...
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, shoes and outdoor
Good job
Image may contain: one or more people, tree, sky, plant, outdoor and nature
Just climb those wild trees.. it is completely safe Rayyan.

Image may contain: outdoor
When his stunts were on beach, I felt a bit better because of the soft bed

Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and indoor
No furnitures or toys were hurt during the shooting of this photo..

Image may contain: outdoor
YouTube was the trainer for his BMX

Image may contain: one or more people, people riding bicycles, bicycle and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing and shoes
Again YouTube the trainer for his skating

Image may contain: 1 person, sunglasses, outdoor and nature
Rayyan has never been scared of venturing off into jungles... Google says it is Mudigere — in Mudigere.

Image may contain: 1 person, standing, outdoor and nature
I am glad he did not get lost in any of those jungles

Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, shoes and indoor
One of those pictures which makes me feel my house is haunted.. no special effects here
Image may contain: sky and outdoor
The only skateboard Rayyan has used and poor thing it has suffered a lot. Even becoming trolley at times.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, outdoor and nature
Image may contain: 1 person, tree, plant, sky and outdoor

Image may contain: one or more people, people sitting, ocean, outdoor and water

Image may contain: outdoor


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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