Friday, March 22, 2024

Footprints On The Storm

When the storm came to me, I didn't flee,

I boldly faced its fury, determined and free.

With every step, I left my mark behind,

Defiant and strong, in body and mind.

Through trials and tempests, I pressed on,

Facing each challenge until it was gone.

In the heart of the storm, I found my might, 

Leaving my footprints as symbols of my fight.

For I am a warrior, resilient and brave,

Conquering adversity with every wave.

Though the storm may rage, I stand tall and true,

Leaving my footprints as proof of all I've been through.

And though the storm may have roared,

Leaving scars and wounds unexplored,

I looked it in the eye and took up the fight

I was not turning back and taking the flight

With steady steps I walked with courage,

Moving forward boldly through its rampage,

One step at a time, forward, I moved on,

And I proudly left my footprints on the storm.


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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