Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cancer Care Without Financial Scare?

Though money is not everything, cancer care or treatment does not come free. Financial burden adds to the suffering of many who are battling the illness. A single sitting of chemotherapy costs about INR 90,000, a full-fledged cancer treatments runs into lakhs of rupees. What makes the matters worse is availing any kind of treatment for the poor is a challenge. They either face shortage of quality care, or shortage of money or often are deprived from timely care. 

I was kind of surprised with an invite to attend an event at JW Marriot hotel to be a part of New India Movement. 

It was an amazing gesture from Bangalore based entrepreneurial  couple, who decided to donate 200 cr to the self-funded NGO "New India" to make cancer treatment cashless. It was wonderful to know that Vijay and Amrita Tata  couple celebrated their daughter's birthday in this unique way. I can imagine how much Rs 200 crores donated for the underprivileged can help them survive and be with their loved ones.
The fund came in the form of 50 acres of land in Bangalore worth Rs. 100 crores to the trust and an additional Rs 100 crore to be used towards development of Super Specialty Cashless Cancer Care Hospital for poor people. Bollywood Actor Emraan Hashmi who had faced the brutality of cancer when it affected in son, launched the initiative. In his own words, inaugurating the NGO, Emraan Hashmi said, “I have very closely seen the pain which cancer patients and their family goes through.NEW INDIA’s initiative to create new hope for poor cancer patients is worth appreciating and I am glad that individuals like Mr Vijay Tata and Mrs Amrita Tata are coming forward to take this novel step.”

New India is a nonprofit organization that will be completely self funded by Mr Vijay Tata & Mrs Amrita Tata and will focus on creating a new hope for the betterment of underprivileged. 
New India solemnly commits itself to the fight against cancer by ensuring to take strong steps in making sure that cancer treatment and care is available to all the needy and poor for free. Because with Cancer what kills faster is the cost associated to it. NEW INDIA already has earned itself a 50-acre land worth Rs. 100 crores that will be the foundation on which a cancer hospital for the underprivileged will be built. 

It aims to cater women, children, critical illness and stop-rape initiative to bring justice to rape victims and help them resurrect their lives. As the first initiative by NEW INDIA, it has already pledged 50 acres of land worth Rs 100 crores in Attibele-Anekal Road, Bangalore to the trust. Additional Rs 100 crores will be used towards construction of the super-specialty cancer care hospital. All underprivileged cancer patients fromacross India will be treated completely free of charge. This will be the first cashless hospital across India.

Hope more millionaires in India will take a hint from this couple and contribute to the society in the right way. 


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