Monday, February 25, 2013

Trapped in a cocoon...

An Update : Surfing through some past articles, I chanced upon this blog post today. Somehow now I fail to relate to it, as I have walked down the path of success since the day I wrote this blog post  few years ago. I love my wings and freedom, especially knowing that I need not depend financially on anyone to take care of me or my children. No more do I feel trapped. 

Trapped In a Cocoon
Marriage is big step for any person. It means commitment, love, affection and companionship. Add a big sacrifice to the list when it comes to Indian women... at least to most of them.

Going through the customs, functions and parties, I did not realize what I was getting into when I got married. It took me years to realize how I had entered a trap and stayed there without realizing that
  • I had lost my personal identity
  • I had lost most part of my freedom
  • I had lost the ability to make my own decisions
  • I could not relate to the individual 'me' without being a wife, mother or some tag attached to myself
  • I had stopped thinking about myself and my happiness
  • I had got into a relationship with more people than my husband and had to deal with them
  • I was becoming subdued and sacrificial
  • I was trying very hard to make everyone proud of me
  • I thought I could make others happy and I should try to make others happy
The realization, when it happened, shook me to the core slowly awakening me from the slumber I had slipped into. The unused parts of brain had become rigid and refused to move but I did not quit trying. I am working to find myself, the person who is the real me other than what I am meant to be because of my connections to others. The journey continues ……………………

A poem I wrote when I took the first step of self actualization.

Trapped in a cocoon...

The free butterfly spreading its wings
Flew around playing with winds
Sipping nectar and dew from flowers
In bright sunlight shining its colours
Over the hills and over the dales
Freely it flew, with no fear of gales

Sadly, one fine day it got trapped in a cocoon
Losing its freedom and spending time in gloom
Wishing to be free from the suffocating pain
Wondering in the dark how to be free again

For the cool breeze is still blowing
The dews like pearls are still glowing
Over the hills, the day is so sunny
All the flowers are filled with honey

But the wings are not strong being under cover
The cocoon has dented its flights power
There are weights bearing the wings down
With all the strings attached; weary it has grown

The cocoon is strong but not unbreakable
Long flights and strides is now impossible
One step at a time leaning on a cane
Towards freedom, the butterfly moves again….

By: Farida Rizwan.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Complete Without You

I was incomplete with you
I needed you to complete me
I wanted you with me so that
You would compliment me
I desired the warmth and love
And companionship from you
But you were not there
All I had was that void
Through which I found myself
 I don’t need you anymore
As I am now complete without you
Farida Rizwan

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wonderful Workshop for Parents @ FAME India

FAME India had organized a wonderful workshop for the parents of their students at the school premises on 16th February 2013. This is my first experience with such a program at the school, as Farheena was admitted into the school only in 2012. I came to know that FAME India has constantly tried to bring in external resource persons to provide information about varied aspects of special education and varied needs of children with special needs through such events.
The workshop lasted from 10 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
The first session as conducted by Dr. Indiramma, Retd Ass. Prof. NIMHANS on Behavior problems and its Management.
It was followed by ‘Motor Skill Training programme by Dr. Ushma Goradia, Director, Active Kaarya.
Mr.Mohan, Assistant Disabled Welfare Officer gave information about Government schemes for persons with disabilities.
Finally Mr. Sunil Khimsura gave details about financial planning for Special Needs Children.
I am amazed that the school served 2 tea/coffee and Lunch free for the parents. Those parents who did not have arrangements to leave behind their wards at home were allowed to tag them along. The students were taken care of by the school staff while the parents attended the workshop. Cannot thank the school enough for the wonderful learning experience.
My perspective and observation is to be followed. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Farheena's Outing At MNK Rao Park with Kilikili

Sailing away

Kilikili had organized an event at MNK Rao park, Basavanagudi on 9th February, 2013. You can read more about Kilikili HERE
After registration, the children broke the barriers of ability and disability, playing together and having fun in the park that had inclusive play spaces that was accessible to all children. I think Farheena’s recollection of the event through her art will tell more about it than my words. So, I am making way for the artist to give a good picture of Kilikili.

Farheena on swing, and children playing around her. Mina was the volunteer who helped Farheena

Children breaking barriers and playing together in the park

Farheena Mina and Manal walk in the park where children are playing on slides, badminton, ball games 

Walking in the sand

Spreading out in the park
Children entering the place for drawing 

Too many swings
Mina managing children

Planning to go back with ball and cousins once again

What Farheena learned to draw from Kilikili event

In the park having fun

Getting Ready For Fun
Relaxing after fun


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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