Friday, February 3, 2012

Life Is So Unpredictable...

Life is so unpredictable! So what is new about it you may ask? The new thing is, I can blog about it ;).

My son Rayyan came home for a week... I had big plans for us. First I went down with viral infection; which instantly degraded Rayyan from being the precious child on a visit home, to a ward boy. Poor thing! Later when I planned to visit our best friend; a precious girl who is like a daughter to me,  married recently and living in her in-laws place, I decided to have a check up with my doctor on way because of constant pain in the lowest part of my abdomen. My doctor found a grape sized polyp which was looking sinister there. She was sure it should be taken out as soon as possible, especially since I have already been through cancer earlier. We had a little friendly discussion, (she is my doctor but also a good friend) whether I should wait till Rayyan leaves or have him there to be my caretaker after the surgery. She convinced me to do it when he was around. 
I took leave from her because I wanted to finish what I started. So we went ahead to our friend’s house, spent some nice time there and then I got into the hospital.  There is a lot to talk about my hospital experience and my hours in hell due to some minor duty lapse on behalf of the staff… but that is for later. Not fit enough to do full blogging yet. Keep me in your prayers because I am waiting for the report on the polyp. Hope it is benial and has nothing to do with cancer….

When in hospital I heard someone call a lousy person “YOU DONKEY”  and I recalled something I had written back in my school days. Sharing one of my old poems with you.. hope no one will start arguing about this again …


Once I saw a donkey, climbing a mountain in great speed
I wondered what had happened, and tried to inquire, but it did not heed
Perceiving there was something fishy going on, I followed it to the top
I saw the donkey ready to jump; unable to bear I shouted “STOP”
I asked, “Why are you dying ‘O’ donkey, though you are so wise?
Don’t you know committing suicide is an act of cowardice?”
The donkey wept bitterly and asked “How can you know my worry?
If you have patience to bear, I will tell you my story.
I have served my master all my life, with great love and care
Unlike his disobedient children who just roam here and there
But now whenever his children do something, which is not good
He calls them ‘You donkeys’, which is a disgrace to whole donkeyhood
How can I bear to hear him compare his bad children with me?
Instead of being compared with lousy humans, better dead I would be”
I had no words of comfort to say to this poor creature
But I resolved never to compare any human to animal in future.


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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