Monday, October 24, 2011

The Changing Styles of My Teens and My Growing Wishlist.

When the contest for Qvendo was announced on indiblogger, I shrugged off about the contest itself, as I am not one of those fashion kind of women.. but, having fashion minded teens in home, I created an account with them and kept surfing the Qvendo site. My wishlist for my kids has been growing since then.

You can create your own wish list like the one I have create by using this exclusive VIP link 

The goodies they have are really unique and attractive which gave me  the pleasure of imagining my kids in them, only 'imagine' because they were little bit expensive for my purse at the moment. My wishlist kept coming and going because Qvendo keeps changing its products. My children, though, have been hooked on to the Website and they love the fashionable clothes and other accessories available there for shopping. My daughter who is crazy for purses, sandals and sunglasses has been going gaga (not lady ) over the site. I have seen this happen before. Online window shopping is not safe when you have teens in the home. It can weigh very heavy on your purse. It has happened with three of such sites earlier for me. 

But when you lay your eyes on Tommy Hilfiger by Helana Christensen, 
you don't mind the weight it lays on your not so attractive Purse. ;)
My Kids were not very high on fashion until they spent 5 months in USA. After Rayyan got introduced to brands such as Armani, True Religion, Levis, Lee, Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein, he is not willing to settle down for clothes of lesser God. His arithmetic works in a weird way. Instead of buying 10 cheap jeans or other things he will go for one good branded one which is going to last him ten times more, eventually making it cost him the same. He says the branded jeans and clothes give his skin a special touch which makes him feel very comfortable, as though they are an extension of his skin itself. He says it is the same with shoes, and for a boy who cycles and walks miles, I feel I have to give the best. He is 20 but has never spent money personally on petrol or diesel at all. He loves his Bi-cycle and if not loves walking.My daughter also progressed from being a shy, simple girl into some kind of Diva with new hairstyles and dressing sense. 
The Pictures themselves tell about the transformation so well.. especially it has got something to do with their expressions... LOL

 He looks so innocent in those pics 

     Is he the same boy? Huh!

              Here is the change taking place ;)

Rayyan would sure love to wear this set from Qvendo instead of what he is wearing 


Bogner Jeans Lenny                                                                                                                        

                Farheena would love to shine in this dress from Qvendo 

Unknowingly the wish list for me has been made and it keeps growing as I surf for the products. The Wish List quite too big and I need to win a lottery if I am ever going to buy them for my kids.. 

I want to buy a Bogner Copper-T Jacket for my son who loves them. 
Bogner Copper-T Jacket (Men's)

These cute dresses from Paul and Joe would look amazing on my daughter

I love this dress and I think it would look amazing on my son
This is something I would love to buy for my daughter

CK jeans is a must for every youngster and so it is for Rayyan
A purse I would die for. Wow!
Farheena would look cute in those dresses from Chloe
Some of the Gucci products I would love to add to my wishlist.................................
Gucci jewelry is breathtaking !
Gucci Mens Shoes   

The eye catching products from Hugo Boss

                                            Wow! Lacoste has a unique look

                                 The Ralph Lauren Range that made to my wish list

                   True Religion is one of the brand that I haven't touched yet. It has always eluded me. I am so tempted by the offer on Qvendo at the moment and I would love to buy few of these products for my son and my daughter. 
True Religion Shoe BlackTrue Religion T-Shirt Hoody GreyTrue Religion T-Shirt BlackTrue Religion Longsleeve Horseshoe L/S TRTrue Religion Shirt World Tour TribleTrue Religion Shirt Nice Guy S/S CTrue Religion Jeans Bobby Super t Straight Med DrifterTrue Religion Jeans Bobby Straight VinTrue Religion Longsleeve Bike Seat Rock NTrue Religion T-Shirt White
True Religion Cap Brown - Stone
We cannot miss out the sunglasses... they are necessary to complete the style of my teens


I wish I could buy some amazing products from Qvendo to deck up my kids .....................  and here are the pictures that reflect their taste.




Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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