Saturday, August 25, 2012

It Is Time We Women Learned Patience From Men

Should personal hygiene of a woman be hush hush issue? It is a personal decision according to me. Men do have their hush hush talks too, where they may not want the women involved in their talks. There is nothing to be ashamed of our body functions, but that does not mean we have to shout out loud for everyone to hear about it. If there is a need to talk then talk, or else don't. that is the policy I follow.

I have been hearing about the ad 18 again so often, that I am quite forgetting my age now. Many blogs, Facebook status, tweets and other communication media have been flooded with how discriminating this ad has been. The woman in the ad who is feeling like a virgin is dancing seductively as the whole family watches on, declaring it loudly, as she seduces her hubby; now is that what we call coming out in open about the women hygiene and putting health in front of other issues? No is the answer I have heard from every woman I know.

Oh No! Fooled again
I feel it is time for me to sit up and appreciate men for putting up with the ads for penis enhancement pills, surgeries, ointments, and what not, that promised them empowerment, without complaining a bit about how they have been discriminated. So many of them have tried it out, been disappointed quietly, and wept in silence,  without protesting against being duped. 

So failure after failure, where men did not turn into prancing horses or roaring lions, someone said, “OK let us try it other way around” and came up with 18 again for women empowerment. If you cannot empower the men, let us empower the women, said the wise man. But what do we see with this simple change? Every woman I know is upset and shouting out in protest against the discrimination being done. They were not feeling bad about all those ads that showed sad men feeling disappointed, and the ads told them how to find a cure for their failure in pleasing women in their life. So why shout in protest now, when the tables have been turned?
What is wrong with us women? Since when have we 'Indian Women'  become so sensitive to the reference of honoring the virginity? Did we not grow up seeing the ideal woman cry, “Main ab kisi ko moon bataane ke layak nahin rahi, mera sab kuch loot gaya” ? Isn't it great there is a product in market that can give them back all the loot? Did we not  often see on the big screen, women killing themselves after losing virginity? 2012, we will see them rushing to nearest pharmacy instead of a well or hill. Why kill yourself when you can buy virginity? If that is not empowerment, than what can be?

It is true that one of the great accomplished and empowered woman Mother Teresa would never need such a product to feel the power, but we cannot rule out it is good for all those people who do not have anything other than their sexuality to feel empowered about. As we are nation full of Celinas Rakhis, Poonam Pandeys etc, we should openly welcome the product and ask our grandmas to try it on too, as the grandma in the ad did, while the grandpa happily watched on from behind.  

I think it is time for us women to grow up and follow the steps of men who have put up so bravely with all those enhancement ads. I am not even a man, but still have received nearly thousands of spam mails that promised me a large penis.

I think it is time we stopped making fuss and start a mass prayer that due to some miracle the tightening and enhancing products don’t start working at once. We know that science is going to be the doom of human race someday, but we don’t want it to end because of the success of these medicines. I cannot imagine the situation a couple will be in, when both the products work for them... it is sure going to a pain in the neck(?) I hope you get my point. ;)

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