Monday, December 24, 2012

Santa, Bring Us Some Humanity This Christmas..

It is time for spread of happiness and merriment all around the world. Santa is coming loaded with gifts for good behavior from children. I plead with Santa to shower some Humanity on us human beings because we have lost the essence of what we represent. That is what we need more than anything at present.
I had decided not to post about current events on my blog, because the media will be full of it, and no one wants more dose of it on my blog. Recently, I was so touched by the killing of children in USA and China on the same day that I went back on my decision and posted my pain.

Again I am compelled to write about something which is being flashed by the media so often just because it has affected me very badly. I had read the report of the rape case in moving bus of Delhi, and something about the event broke my courage which I had held for long and felt that I can deal with life. Last week when walking on the road in broad daylight in a busy road in Jayanagar, an Innova with some rough looking men stopped a little ahead and few of them got down. For the first time in my life, I felt weak, scared and gullible. I have travelled with my brother on the roads of Bangalore even at odd hours of midnight without ever feeling the fear. Recently when people were complaining about the late hours of Indiblogger meet, I jumped in without being worried because I had felt safe. I was not a person who has ever been afraid of threats thrown directly at me, even when others had feared for my safety especially at my in-laws place. I had approached the police to settle the matter legally without any help from my family or neighbors. For a person like me, to be scared of some unknown (may be good men) people in broad daylight is something to be worried about.
Haven’t I read about rapes and murders earlier?  Didn't I know such heinous acts took place so often? Why all of a sudden the fear has taken over me? Is this going to be permanent or just temporary change in my attitude? I am not sure of the answers again.
Though Delhi has erupted demanding justice for the brutalized girl, the city has to hang its head in shame as none of them had come forward to cover the body of the young woman and her friend, when they lay stripped, brutalized and violated on the road in Mahipalpur in biting cold. The crowd of nearly 50 people just stood watching them.
Doctors are looking for donors of intestine for the girl who has lost 95% of her intestines. Isn't it fair enough that they hang the culprits and donate their intestine and rest of the organs to restore her life to as much normal as possible. Do our government which hesitated so much in hanging Kasab has guts to go ahead and give this justice to the woman?
Just yesterday I read the gory details about the Delhi rape case and the brutality the victim was subjected to. I am shocked and numbed. Such torture of an innocent girl for no crime of hers! I cannot even vaguely imagine the emotional and physical trauma she must have been through. The spirit she is showing in recovering from the extreme trauma is amazing and praiseworthy. I was wondering how 95% of her intestine could be damaged, for days when yesterday a friend gave me some details about how that took place. Are they really humans who can actually do this to fellow human beings? We call other species beasts just because they are born flesh eaters and have to hunt for food. What would they think of us when they get to know about such heinous acts committed by so called civilized species of men? Good the animals are mute and cannot talk.
There was a short poem in Hindi doing rounds on face book written by some anonymous person.
Ek Kutti raat ko raaste par jarahi thi....
Raaste mein 5/6 kutte mile.
Kutti gabhra gayi.....
Kutto ne kaha aap aaram se jaiye aur dariye nahi.
Hum kutte hai Insaan nahi
Which roughly translates as
A bitch, one night was walking down a lonely lane
When she sighted 5/6 dogs walking in chain
The bitch grew terrified looking at the strays
When the dogs calmly allowed her to walk away
Saying “Do not fear us, we are not terrible ones
We are just dogs not the cruel humans”
So true!

I wonder about the rape victim.  What if he girl was meek and not fought back so strongly? May be without the brutality of the act she may have to answer the questions, “Did she ask for it?” Many of victims go through the test of their moral integrity, dress style, attitude and many other such factors which is said to provoke sexual assault. When girls as small as 2-3 yrs are raped then they just withdraw into shadows, only to sneak back when this happens to young women. Don't the Burkha clad women get raped? Why does this happen only among us humans and not animals?
There is so much to think about on these lines; at least it set my thoughts on flow. Why do we humans treat the females in such heinous way? In the land where they worship Goddesses, the women are treated like dirt. Passing lewd remarks, making vulgar gestures, staring are common in our nation. The democratic country of India is witness to nearly 30-40 rape cases every day, with the national capital wearing the captain’s cap with 572 cases in 2011. So many cases go unreported, especially by the minors who do not even understand they are being victimized.  
Reading through the news it is shocking to read where lust is taking ‘MAN’. Where is the morality and humanity of men sunk to? Just a peep into few news reports that I came across in the past few days which is not only shocking but nauseating.
On December 11, 2012 Times of India reported that in a bizarre crime, a youth attempted to rape a 12-year-old girl inside her house in the presence of her two sisters and grandfather in Alwar?s Govindgarh area. However, when he failed in the bid, he returned two days later and set the girl on fire. The girl is now battling for life in hospital.
KANPUR: In a shocking incident, a minor girl, who had accused a local goon of raping her, has been allegedly strangulated to death by the hoodlum in full public view after she refused to withdraw the complaint against him. The incident occurred in Sidhaav village in bordering Fatehpur district on Saturday morning when the accused Narvada Nishad barged into the house of the girl, Poonam Sonker (16), and after brutally attacking her strangled her to death.
Hisar: The Hisar police have arrested three of the five men accused, including a constable, for allegedly abducting and gangraping a 19-year-old college student in Barwala town. Police officials said that the medical examinationconfirmed rape.     The girl was abducted on November 27 while she was on her way back home and kept in confinement for four days till November 30 and raped during this duration by five men.     The police registered a case after the girl filed a complaint on Sunday, December 2, a day after she was dumped in Bahabalpur village near Barwala.
A housewife was stripped naked, gangraped and battered in full public glare in Tripura, police said on Saturday. "A 37-year-old woman was gang-raped at Bishalgarh in western Tripura Wednesday night. After the rape, the women was stripped naked, brutally beaten up and then tied to a tree," a police official told reporters here.
The Kasaragod district sessions court on Thursday sentenced a madrassa teacher to 22 years in prison for raping and sodomizing a 10-year-old
A three-year-old girl was raped in a play-school in West Delhi, prompting the Delhi government on Friday to ask the police to take stringent action against its principal.The child was allegedly raped by the husband of the owner of the school on Monday in west Delhi's Sagarpur area, and the incident came to light two days later, police said.
A 55-year-old man was on Saturday accused of sexually abusing a six-year-old girl at Bhathkidih in Jamshedpur city. In a FIR filed by Saeeda Parveen the mother of the victim, the man, Subhaan was accused of abusing the minor and issuing threats not to go to the police, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Law and Order) Raj Kishore Prasad told reporters.
Just Numb with fear, shame and helplessness I feel at the moment. 


  1. The statistics denote not just the helpless of the women, but also the helpless of the law or government that could help in tackling this disaster. This case delivers a very crude example of that missing humanity or the insanity humans pose, Not just the rapists, the mute spectators are also somewhere or the other partners in this heinous crime. Every time I read a post about the incident , I end up crying. It could anyone of us, The worst being the reports of some more cases in the same city in this same week itself, even after all this chaos and protests.
    A very good suggestion, the rapists should be asked to donate their organs for her.

    1. I just hope a strong message will be sent by the punishment given to the culprits.

  2. Sad, Farida. Compassion, understanding and love are the need of the hour. Every single day, the newspaper is full of only news about crime, and we wonder about the hundreds that go unreported.

    Even as the nation is outraged about the Delhi gangrape, news about one in Kashmir in a bus is in the news. Forget about after dark, even daytime is not safe.

    Hugs. I feel your heart.

    1. I at times worry about my special needs daughter... as even strong girls are unable to defend themselves.

  3. Thank you for your soul raising article about the horrible incident in Delhi which is to be condemned by one and all.IT IS A NATIONAL SHAME Stringent measures to be taken to stop recurrence of such incidents but I am afraid whether it will happen.

    1. I should happen.. or else the protests will grow out of proportion

  4. Read my latest artilce on Christmas celebrations posted today

  5. Laws should be strict.Harsh punishment should be given to the culprits.
    Judgement in such cases should be by fast track special courts.

    Very well written article.

  6. I dont know what ot say on this .. high time the govt did something to show they are thinking of the people too

    law has become a joke in our nation

  7. सार्थक पोस्‍ट। समयोचित पोस्‍ट। कविता का स्‍टीक उपयोग। मगर अफसोस लेखन उन लोगों से दूर है, जो इस तरह की घटनाओं को अंजाम देते हैं। वो इंटरनेट पर आते हैं, लेकिन सन्‍नी लियोन से पूनम पांडे तक सीमित हैं।

    1. You are so right.. these words never reach the people who are cause of such heinous crimes.

  8. There is collapse of the family life in most of the Indian families. Values and traditional roles have been given less importance. The changes need to start from our communities and families.

    1. This has been happening since the days of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Rape has been in our society even when the family life, values and traditional roles had their importance.

  9. Rape is NOT the real disease that plagues us. Rape is a SYMPTOM of the disease - i.e. the pervasive and deep-rooted misogyny - that plagues patriarchal societies like ours.

    Till this mindset changes, men with a false and inflated sense of entitlement will continue to assault women. Indian society's attitude needs a complete revamp.

    Do read my views on this too, on my blog.

  10. There will be anger and the criminals may be punished but the problem will be far from over unless there is a change in our attitudes towards women right from our families then our community and then our nation. This will take years to happen as such misgogynist attitudes are deep-rooted in our social fabric.


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