Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Be Original - A New Hairstyle For All Occasions...

The Hair Fountain... 

I went over to pick a hair style from the interactive TRESemm√© India Youtube channel to try out the hairstyles and failed miserably. It was fun creating my own album of ramp ready hair there because I can never do that in real. I have hair that is never ready for any event .. leave alone walking down the ramp. No complaints though, I am glad to have them on my scalp.As a compensation for my disobedient hair, my special daughter Farheena is blessed with volumnious, lustrous and long hair which is a delight even to just touch it. Farheena doesn't stick to a single hairstyle, but keeps changing them according to the person she is with... and lucky girl can cut her hair short and grow them back to waist length within a year.

For her, I need really the salon type of bottles of shampoo and conditioners, because the smaller bottles are barely enough for one wash when her hair has grown to full length. I don't have to do much to care for her hair, other than oiling it occasionally, combing it thoroughly apart from washing and conditioning. She is blessed with good hair, that can match her mood.

At present she is sporting a summer look of hairstyle which goes well for parties, events, marriages and at the same time beats the summer heat too. I am sharing the simple original hairstyle here which popped out of my imagination one fine day .....

Wash the hair clean. Follow with conditioning

Brush it thoroughly and tie it in pony tail
Lift the ponytail up and clip it like shown in the picture
Allow the hair to fall back on the clip and comb it

Lo Behold! You have a beautiful fountain of hair .. which goes well with any occasion

Apart from washing, the beautiful hairstyle takes up just 5 minutes from start to finish... It does not require any type of expertise or skill, but you need to have the right type of hair clip which will allow the hair to fall down from all sides. Now you are ready to walk down the ramp proudly.... :)

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