Saturday, February 13, 2010

Darwins Theory .. A big lie.

I am re-posting one of my previous blog in honor of Darwin. I greatly respect his research and theories but there are doubts ......

This incident took place when I was 15 yrs of age. So far nothing has made me change my mind……..
Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Is a Great Lie.
Some may believe, some may not believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, but I have decided very strongly that human race did not evolve from the very source that monkeys evolved. For sure these creatures are not our ancestors. There are many differences and one of them is so great that I have always failed to close the gap between us.
A certain day in my life forced me call the great Darwin a liar. It so happened one morning, a man going to his fields heard an infant crying non-stop. His curiosity awoke, he went in search of source of the sound and found an infant barely a day old thrown on the railway track. The helpless little soul was yet alive, thanks to the famous Indian railways which always sees to it that the trains don’t arrive on time so that anyone contemplating suicide on the tracks gets a chance to ponder over and change their mind. This policy had prevented the huge monster from mauling the small wailing baby, but the ants did not follow this policy and had been prompt and on time to nibble and devour the just born fresh skin. Helpless and unable to anything else, all that the discarded one could do was to wail at the top of his voice which even at the top was very frail. The morning wind was piercing cold and had been attacking the angel mercilessly, turning his snowy color to blue. The man forgot his fields, picked up the baby and brought him home. But, Alas!!!! It was already too late to save him. He was born just to suffer the torture of few hours. No one ever cuddled him, dressed him, fed him nor loved him. When our maid narrated this tragic tale like the headline of the day, which would be replaced by something on the next morning, I just turned away from her to hide my tears. Through my window I could see some monkeys happily prancing away. Then suddenly I saw something which shook my soul and conscience quite roughly. There on the top of the roofs among the monkeys going ahead in search of food and mischief was a monkey with a baby which was lifeless. The mother refused to accept the fact and continuously made efforts to make its little darling cling to its womb as it did before the cruel death had slurped all its strength. The monotonous failing did not deter her. She tried again and again, to feed her baby from her breast or some food she found. Struggling thus with her dead baby she kept moving ahead and disappeared in the vast world leaving me behind to ponder over the theory of Darwin. Do we humans who throw away our live infants, who kill, murder and torture the young kids belong to this clan who loved their dead babies so much???????
Darwin may have a lot of proofs for his theory but I refuse to accept any of them.


  1. I've never read his work, but of course, I've heard many speak of it. Maybe I'll read his "species" (can't think of the whole title at the moment) book to be able to have an informed opinion of him.

    Very interesting story you wrote.

  2. My story has nothing to do science or my beliefs. It is actually a very strong emotional outburst.

  3. What a lovely post. I am really moved. We humans are really not worth being called humans..really

  4. but whatever name you call these species by Supriya they will still have those traits.. like Shakespeare said.. Call rose by any name...

  5. It's the ignorance of humans that don't value the gifts that are given to us.

  6. see this is one of those instances which make me feel why the hell i was born human..... can't even describe it in words.....doing this to a new born......

    another thing which you reminded me of when you said Darwin....It was Charles Darwin's Birthday yesterday 12th Jan.....

  7. Emotionally beautiful post.
    I am really touched...

    *Bow Down*

    Just loved it.



  8. The sad truth is that many humans do lack humanity. You touched on that quiet succinctly and with so much eloquence.

  9. I place the topic of evolution vs. creationism into the mixed bag of "sensitive" issues that create quite a firestorm among many people with differing viewpoints. Early on after "creating" my blog, I decided not to write about anything contained in that mixed bag. However, as my blog "evolved", I also decided that I would comment about any of them if asked to on another person's blog.

    Darwin's theory of evolution has a connection (intended or not) to religion, because it contradicts the beliefs of many that God "created" the world and mankind, and that animals were created separate from humans.

    As for me, if we "evolved" from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys around? Once the monkeys were completely evolved into humans, wouldn't there be no more monkeys?

    Follow the quotation marks, and I'm sure you can decipher where I stand on Darwin's theory.

  10. Darwin could have been a liar ma'am, if and if only he was working with the East India Company, spend some years in the sultry weather of India, begot mixed race children and that baby laying on the tracks coincidentally would have been his descendant...

    Sadly, this was not so...
    Ma'am we are indeed the brightest of all animals on earth...the extensive display affection or the most barbaric act..the humans will always control the center stage.


  11. callous and menevolent to the core...but there are exceptions to the this character maybe the result of genes and circumstance.

  12. Madam, Darwin was not wrong.

    Its just that we (Indians) have evolved into a morbid witless beasts. Do I need to quote Nithari to you?

    I don't know whether you've read 'The Time Machine' by H. G. Wells. We are the 'morlocks' in making. However, the twist in the tail is, the rest of the world is growing into a more intelligent race, undreamed of by Wells.

    p.s. The Talibans and the African warlords seem to have dangerously similar intents.

  13. I loved this post. So thought-provoking! Some humans are just beasts. So sad.
    Betty xx

  14. Wonderful post Farida...very moving one! It did well up my eyes...poor baby!!! You are right there!

  15. I have to apologize to anyone who would feel offended by my blog... I have no intention insulting Darwin or his work. Actually I have high respect for all scientists. This has nothing to do with my belief in God nor his creation....
    This incident deeply hurt my feelings and I can still recall it clearly after so many years. This is just an emotional outburst from a person .... who feeling sorry for an innocent life wasted because some man or woman was too stupid to handle their sex lives.

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  17. What a thought for thought indeed...God Bless

  18. Farila, my friend, thank you for re-posting this. One hates to be cynical about our species, but I have thought so often that we are a very strange & very flawed species, and I've thought so for the very same reasons as you, as well as others. We seem to have a particular 'talent' for cruelty. It's not a trait to be proud of. I've often said that the other animals are much nicer than we are. What an amazing story.


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  21. Wow, great post. Really made me think about how corrupt we humans are...
    But for all of the people who believe that Darwin is not wrong, are wrong themselves and i can prove through science and logic that Darwin and his theory of evolution are just big phonies.

    Scientists think that humans were created from a few collisions of some cells, in the early Earth. Those cells then copied and over millions of years, evolved from a cell, to a fish, to a primate, then to a human, like the ones we are today. They claim that's how humans formed. Makes sense right?! Not really. But it happening over millions of years makes more sense right? Wrong. I'll tell you how evolution falls flat on it's face.
    There are some bacteria who need to travel all over the body and do their job. They move around due to this motor-like tail called "Flagellum". The flagellum has at least 40 different parts to it. Without one part, the flagellum won't function, and the bacteria sits uselessly. Also, the parts need to be assembled in a specific order, or else, once again, it won't function. There's no way this flagellum could have evolved over time, because, due to natural selection, the bacteria would eventually be wiped out because it is of no use. So without this flagellum motor or the bacteria it powers, the body would not be able to live, therefore causing the human race to never evolved into a primate or human state, in the first place.
    And another MAJOR hole in the evolution theory, is that, there's a missing link! If humans were, at one time, apes, and it took millions of years for them to evolve, then shouldn't there be fossils of a certain species that are half-human half ape? And what about 10% human, 90% ape? Then 20% human and 80% ape. And 30% human, 70% ape, and so on and so on. So far, no fossils have been dug up of those and probably never will.

    I also like what Matty said about how if primates evolved into humans, then why are they still around. Good point :)

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