Saturday, January 18, 2014

Be a mirror that reflects light


Sometimes what you hear or read makes a great difference to the way you look at things. It has happened to me quite often. Once I read a quote which said, " There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it”.
Due to my personal commitments and the life decisions I made, I haven’t been able to be a candle that burns itself to shed light. But, I have always tried to be a part of greater things, like a mirror which reflects the light of candle.
The recent Milaap Hope Project as a part of Indichange has allowed me to feel like a tiny piece of mirror once again. Would you like to be a part of Milaap? Would you like to wipe off a system called Devadasis from our country?   Can you do something for these women? You can read more about the Devadasis and Hope Project HERE.
Dundavva, Gunabai, Kashavva, Mala and Ningavva are a group of women charting their own path to empowerment. Each of them is a former Devadasi, living testimony of an outlawed system that has taken away more than it has given to these women. Lack of formal education, exploitation and the dearth of meaningful employment opportunities are just a few obstacles these women face.
With the help of a loan of Rs.40, 000 they intend to start small businesses. Dundavva, kashavva and Mala are seeking to raise and maintain livestock consisting of buffaloes and sheep. Ningavva is looking to start a vegetable business. Gunabai is seeking to expand her poultry business by buying more hens. The income obtained from selling vegetables, milk, eggs and wool will support these women on their road to financial independence. Visit Milaap and check out what you can do for them.
You can be a part of the HopeProject too. Join hands and make a small contribution towards the cause. It may a long way in helping someone find ground once again under their feet.


  • Choose a borrower
    Select from one or many of the causes
  • Make a loan
    Borrowers receive 100% of your money
  • Get repaid
    Receive progress updates from Milaap through email
  • Re-lend
    Maximize the impact
    of a single loan


  1. Nice pictorial representation of this awesome initiative
    I am glad to be a part of it

  2. You are one very effective mirror, Farida!


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