Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Be a Mirror that Reflects Light Once Again

Earlier, I had written a post about a group of women who were still fighting for their freedom, even after 65 years of Indian Independence. Few days ago I visited the site of Milaap, and it was sheer pleasure to see that they were fully funded. I am not sure how big my contribution has been in the cause, even then I feel a sense of achievement. I am happy for these women. 
Success is the greatest motivator, and being motivated I wish to see another group of women achieve their goals. Kavita Sanadi and Group . 


The beautiful textiles that Kavita, in the picture, sells are a stark contrast to the harsh struggle she has fought all her life to free herself and keep her two teen-aged children free of the ugly Devadasi system she had been inducted into as a little girl. She is a 43 year old single mother, from Chikodi village in the Belgaum district of Karnataka now earns a precious Rs.4500 per month which pays for her children to go to school and keeps her family fed, clothed, and with a roof over their heads. Wonder why? She may not know who the father of her kid is and even if she knew, he would not support them. She was pushed into the ugly system to be exploited and carry the cross of social discrimination forever. But, there is a ray of light in the form of Milaap and their supporters. We can help her and her friends who have similar stories to break the bonds of Devadasi system so that they can be Indian citizens like everyone else. These 3 women seek a loan of Rs.45,000, repayable over 18 months, to expand their small scale businesses. This loan will help them buy the raw materials needed to scale up and increase their meager revenues, ensuring a safe and secure future for their children and families.

Please visit the link Here to support them.


  1. Truly inspiring Farida. Will visit the link right now. Amazing that you devote time to study, blogging, your children and social endeavors.

  2. I am glad people are aware and contributing to their welfare. Inspiring post.


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