Tuesday, August 5, 2014

SelfV --- A Campaign Spreading Smiles On The Faces Of Survivors

It is amazing to notice that nearly 150 selfv's were shared on facebook page of HCG oncology. Today is the SelfV awards night - finale of the event, which is not an end but a beginning of change in the way people look at cancer. The positive attitude, survival spirit and sense of humor among the survivors expressed through the selfvies have touched many hearts and have reduced cancer from an all consuming demon to a mere obstacle to be overcome. Today is the day when survivors will smile as they go through the transit of being ill fated people diagnosed with cancer to being the lucky winners of goodies which will include even a Harley Davidson. Best of luck to everyone who participated and shared a part of their lives for a cause. I shared my selfv as well. What amazed me was that I could actually shut my mouth within a minute. That doesn't happen too often. Off to enjoy an entertaining night at Hotel Royal Orchid with my two companions - Rayyan and Farheena.

Check out the entire collection of survivor SelfV's on HCGOncology


  1. That left me smiling. Such powerful message with just a SelfV. :)

  2. :) good one mam..although the video does not work .. or maybe its my machine

    you are a inspiration mam



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