Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A great Bargain......

Giving can be good investment.
Slowly and stealthily a figure approached me. His face had a contradictory emotion of a sad smile which was something very touching. As he neared me and I saw that he was supported by crutches with just one leg without much strength to support him; it was almost like he had no legs. Balancing himself awkwardly he stretched out his hand earnestly in my direction. That look of desperation touched me and I groped in my purse for coins, unfortunately there were none.
Restless at the notes in my purse, I knew if I did not help him I would curse myself the whole day. I am not one of those people who encourage begging, but here I was feeling different. In a flash a thought hit me. Why always look for change, instead as a change why not give him a note? If I gave one of those notes in my purse to this needy man, it would not hurt my economic situation but it sure would make a lot of difference to him.
I held out a note to him and he took it with gratitude. It is a sad situation in our country where we do not find decent beggars often. He was the decent and silent type, a rarity. He looked at the denomination on the note which was not a big amount for many, but for him it meant a lot. I could guess by the look on his face.I could not buy anything worthy with that amount of money. What happened next was really amazing. A smile started on his face which reminded me of a blooming bud sprouting on broken dying twig. I was struck by the sheer pleasure he exhibited. It was amazing in this day and age, where we cannot buy much with notes what I had bargained for a small amount. Sure it touched my heart, and I considered it one of the greatest bargain I have made, buying something very precious for quite a negligible amount.


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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