Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A great Bargain......

Giving can be good investment.
Slowly and stealthily a figure approached me. His face had a contradictory emotion of a sad smile which was something very touching. As he neared me and I saw that he was supported by crutches with just one leg without much strength to support him; it was almost like he had no legs. Balancing himself awkwardly he stretched out his hand earnestly in my direction. That look of desperation touched me and I groped in my purse for coins, unfortunately there were none.
Restless at the notes in my purse, I knew if I did not help him I would curse myself the whole day. I am not one of those people who encourage begging, but here I was feeling different. In a flash a thought hit me. Why always look for change, instead as a change why not give him a note? If I gave one of those notes in my purse to this needy man, it would not hurt my economic situation but it sure would make a lot of difference to him.
I held out a note to him and he took it with gratitude. It is a sad situation in our country where we do not find decent beggars often. He was the decent and silent type, a rarity. He looked at the denomination on the note which was not a big amount for many, but for him it meant a lot. I could guess by the look on his face.I could not buy anything worthy with that amount of money. What happened next was really amazing. A smile started on his face which reminded me of a blooming bud sprouting on broken dying twig. I was struck by the sheer pleasure he exhibited. It was amazing in this day and age, where we cannot buy much with notes what I had bargained for a small amount. Sure it touched my heart, and I considered it one of the greatest bargain I have made, buying something very precious for quite a negligible amount.


  1. When we're in a big city, I pass many beggars, and too often I don't give them anything. I'm too busy. I'm in a rush. I don't have anything easily accessible. Excuses excuses.

    I always feel a little sick inside when I selfishly pass them by.

    I know we can't stop for EVERYONE.

    I feel so wonderful though when I DO manage to stop.

    I hope I can get myself to stop a little more often.

    I'm not only pleasing them, but I end up feeling so good.

    The last time I gave, it wasn't money. I had a snack bag in my backpack. I gave the man that. He was so grateful. It really lightened my heart.

    Thanks for your beautiful post.

  2. I know what you are talking about Dina. India is a country with lots of beggars on streets. Some people here have resorted to begging because it is easier than working LOL. We cannot make the difference out among the needy and those who are taking advantage... What else is happening with you and Jack?

  3. I couldn't locate the comment label on the 'Wonder Boy' post, so I'm doing it here. You have wonderful posts and are certainly gifted with a beautiful soul in your son. I enjoyed reading the poems particularly 'Life is worth Living'. I read some of the pain and the struggles between the lines but there is strength to press on. God Bless

  4. I don't know what was the problem. I had to repost it and now the comments show up... Thanks for your lovely words. I am a blessed Mom and as you say I have pain in my life but it has strengthened me

  5. well mamm, we aint got many begger i know of but that was right nice>

  6. Farila ji,
    Meandered into your blog and read this post. I'm touched. 2 days ago a similar scenario unfurled for me and my wife - we were heading back, hurriedly, from a dinner and spotted a homeless person at the opposite freeway exit.10 cars and no one even downed the window. We were hurrying as a snow storm was about to start. Thanks to American freeways and us being at the wrong exit, it took us 10 minutes to come back where we could get close to him. We decided to give him the amount we had spent at the restaurant (we had not thought twice when we got the check, so it seemed fair).

    "Thank you sir," he said. I can go to a shelter now he smiled. We cried on our way home, it was humbling...

    Do visit our site, we'd love to hear your thoughts :-) . You have a wonderful family..

  7. Even I do not encourage beggars....but, I do hand out money sometimes. We will not become poorer nor will they become richer by just one gesture of compassion.

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