Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Computer - A Mirror Image of Myself.


I consider all the gadgets I own to be related to me very closely. I love and care for them. When I speak, I personify them unknowingly. I get bored when they are sick and resting. I at times forget that blood flows through my veins and electricity through their wires.

Until I got married to a computer oopppss I mean I bought a computer, I was not a gadget freak at all. I was nicknamed a book worm, but when I laid my hands on the keyboard life was never the same again.

My world of books was no more pages to be turned but it was pages to be surfed. Like history there is a timeline in my life span- BC and AC (Before computers and after computers). If I am going through back pain, muscle cramps or eye strain BC and AC will apply to before cancer and after cancer symptoms. How can an internet addict admit that sitting for long in front of computer can be dis-comfortable? YOU are not even allowed to whisper such words in my presence. If you do, I will consider it blasphemy and attack you with swords and guns.

Dell, who is holding a contest on Indi Blogger says change is simple, but I have been holding on to my first computer for more than a decade now. Change is not that simple. Indeed there have been changes in due course of time but the computer itself has never been replaced. For some reason I find it very painful to put an ‘ex’ before my computer. How would he feel when we say ‘there goes our ex-computer’? So the computer stays. He leads the life of MJ if you can skip the religious part. Changes happen to my computer in form of colors, replacement of parts and few other upgrading plastic surgeries.

· The HD has changed from 20 GB to 2500 GB.

· SO from Windows 96 to Windows 7 (the rise and fall of windows as they suddenly feel down numerically). Ogling intently at windows 8 at present.

· Internet picking up speed from 9 kb/s to unlimited BB connection.

· 15’ CRT monitor being replaced by 19’ LCD.

Mother board, RAM, CPU, CD-ROM, mouse key board have all been upgraded. You are sure going to ask, “How can you say you are still holding to your old computer”? It is because the main case of chassis that holds all the components together has not been changed. That is what qualifies it to be the first computer that I ever owned.

I would consider my computer to be a mirror image of myself. I have been changed and upgraded or de-graded according the situations. My relationships, age, body, intelligence and weight have been undergoing constant change with time. I have married, gone through illness taken up jobs, built relationships and improved on myself at times. But like the computer chassis, something that holds me together and connects me to the world has not changed. It that ‘something’ which gives me my unique identity.

I may take up different social roles like daughter, friend, citizen, wife, mother, teacher or blogger but behind those roles lives a real me and the original case or chassis, which holds everything together in its bosom and makes connections. Don't you think my computer with the old chassis reflects my own personality?

PS: This blog is written in response to the contest 'CHANGE IS EASY' hosted by Dell Inspiron Laptop with customizable covers on Indibloggers.


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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