Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I would like to put smile on the faces of my blog visitors by sharing my few AC/BC ( after computers/before computers) jokes which are my real life events with a bit of exaggeration. LOL
Kid: Ma, I see a mouse near the door.
Me: Eeeekksss! It may get inside our home. Shut the door. Make noise to scare it.
Kid: Ma, there is something wrong with a mouse here.
Me: Why do you think there is something wrong with the mouse?
Kid: It is not moving.
Me: May be you pulled the wires.
Kid: What wires?
Me: Connecting wires
Kid: Connecting to what?
Me: Don’t act silly Rayyan. You very well know I am talking about the mouse wire
Kid: Ha ha ha … I am talking about the dead mouse the cat left behind here
Me: Dead mouse?
Kid: Yeah! The original furry animal mouse.
Me: Eeeekkkssss .. shut the door!

Kid: I cannot open the windows.
Me: Switch off the computer and turn it on again.
Kid: Ma, the windows with doors is shut tight.
Me: This is not the right time for windows, doors, curtain jokes Rayyan. If the windows aren’t opening maybe we will have to re-install it. We will lose all desk top applications. Oh God!
Kid interfering : NO NO!! not the Microsoft windows, I am talking about the window in the wall … Ma you too…
Me: Kinda forgot they are called windows too. You had me freaked out there.

Kid: Hey! There is something weird in the web
Me: Shut it down! You are not supposed to see weird thing on web (assuming he has accidently landed on porno site).
I rush in to find him watching a web with bloated spider and weirdest insect struggling.

I woke up in the morning feeling lazy and tired.
Me: Farheena, can you skip school today? It is raining so heavily.
Kid: No.
Me: You said you had tummy ache yesterday night.
Kid: I am ahah (OK) now.
I get up mumbling, get her career filled, dress her up and wait for the school bus. Time keeps moving and the bus doesn’t arrive.
Me: May be they have declared holiday because of rains
Kid: No.
Me: How do you know?
Kid: I can see other children going to school.
After half an hour I decide to call the H.M
Me: Ma’am, the school bus has not turned up yet. What could be the reason?
H.M.: It is Friday, the usual school holiday. Ha ha ha.
Me: Uh hoh! I thought it was Thursday. Sorry and thanks.
The entire problem lay with my phone which had messed up days and I lost one day of my life. Now I am worried which day did I lose? I remember Sunday was Sunday on my phone.. so it must be one of other three week days. The other kids had normal Sunday holiday. LOL.


  1. Thanks for the LOLs!

    If you think you're losing it, don't worry. You have lots of company out here - me being one. :)

  2. that was indeed a delightful post!

  3. Hehe.. I have been there myself, don`t you think Windows company and all the others might have had a good laugh in giving computers and it`s stuff these names?

    Thanks! You made my day:)

  4. Seems like I stay confused lately!


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