Friday, June 17, 2011

Winners and losers.

Winners and Losers
What are the two big differences you see in people? When I ask this question I get different responses like
Men and women
Dark and fair
Beautiful and ugly
Smart and dumbass
Good, bad and total a.. h….
Kind and cruel
The list would go on but surprising is the fact that I don’t usually come across my own perception of the major difference I see in people. I see them as winners and losers.
That is one of the qualities which stand out as a major difference among people according to me. I had once read a book in which I had come across a list of qualities which make a person winner or loser. I am sharing the list on my blog today. I am sorry that I cannot recall the name of the wonderful book from which I got this list.
o Winners solve problems
o Losers are dissolved by problems
o Winners take problems as challenges
o Losers as a burden
o Winners persevere despite defeat
o Losers entertain defeat
o Winners continue working while others have stopped
o Losers stop working before others
o Winners are achievers
o Losers are sustainers
o Winners think and act
o Losers act and think
o Winners live their own life
o Losers others life
o Winners: “I can”
o Losers : “I can’t”
o Winners are self-acceptant and never make comparisons with others
o Losers always compare themselves with others
o Winners work smartly hard
o Losers work blindly hard
o Winners have time to think
o Losers are lazy to think
o Winners are far sighted
o Losers are short sighted
o Winners: “What can I do for them?”
o Losers : “What can they do for me?”
o Winners transcend environment
o Losers are being controlled by environment
o Winners make thing happen
o Losers merely wait for it to happen
o Winners are non-conformists
o Losers are conformists
o Winners believe they can change, progress and improve
o Losers think they can’t change nor progress nor improve
o Winners never quit
o Losers quit too soon and too readily
o Winners see light in darkness
o Losers see only darkness
o Winners are self-disciplined
o Losers are self-indulgent
o Winners have high regard for themselves
o Losers look down upon themselves
o Winners believe in themselves
o Losers put their thrust in fate
o Winners anticipate the unexpected
o Losers can never tolerate the unexpected
o Winners hardly complain
o Losers always point their fingers at others for their failure
o Winners are positive
o Losers are negative
o Winners are never embarrassed to seek others help
o Losers have second thought seeking help
o Winners are self-confident and never jealous of others
o Losers have inferiority complex and are always jealous of others
o Winners think “green”
o Losers think “red”
o Winners regard ‘man’ as the highest and greatest value
o Losers as tools to realize their goals.
I read this list at least once in a month so that I can start implementing the winning qualities in me.


  1. a very positive post... the quotes are really inspiring.

  2. A must read for young and old alike.Thank you for sharing this eye opener post and I am sharing on my FB to share with more and more readers.

  3. Wow...thats a long list...but very inspiring!

  4. inspiring list!
    you always share such meaningful posts!!

    betty xx

  5. That is superb and inspirational, many thanks for sharing :)

  6. Hi Farida

    That's a really exhaustive list you have there. I agree with the points of comparison here but I think no single soul is a perfect winner or a perfect loser. We all have mixed attributes from the above list and that's what makes us all unique!

    (BTW, Byndoor is my in-laws town and its a beautiful place!:)

    Just my thoughts...
    Sandeep Hiremath

  7. GREAT LINES - be a winner always - do not let positive thoughts leave ur mind - there always a positive side in all - misshappening..


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