Wednesday, December 25, 2013


As a secret elf, I was chosen to review the blog ‘GettingLoquacious’ by an enthusiastic youngster Tejas Harad  who is (in his own words) Reader, aspiring wordsmith, Journalism graduate, proofreader by profession, soft-spoken, introvert, phlegmatic, minimalist, liberal. Try to live in the moment. Take a hell lot of time to gel with people. He is mainly interested in technology, media, linguistics and education. Essays and poetry are his most favorite literary forms.
The blog posts were grammatically perfect, more perfect than I can judge because the author is a proofreader by profession. That made the task of reviewing the blog quite easy for me, because I did not have to sigh, scratch my head nor whimper in desperation at the jumbled words staring back at me. Though not a spell or grammar nazi myself, I prefer reading blogs that do not mislead me with wrong punctuations and spellings. The author has talked about this issue in his post “Yes, I am a punctuation stickler” in detail.
The blog has posts under the categories
·         EDUCATION
·         FICTION
·         HUMOUR
·         MARATHI
·         MEDIA
·         MISC
·         POETRY
·         POLITICS
·         TECHNOLOGY
The posts that caught my attention were
There are some amazing Haiku and poetry which can captivate you with their punchy verses. For those who can read Marathi, there are poems in the language as well.  No comments, as I don’t understand Marathi.
The format of the blog is simple with subtle colors adorning it. Nothing jumps at you as soon as you land on the page.  It is not the pictures or the videos that catch your attention, but amazingly it is the writing skills of the writer that will make you go back for a revisit. As a reader, I would prefer a bit more space given for the blog post on the blog. A lot of place taken by the sidebar has narrowed the posting space to some extent. This is my personal preference. Back-links are embedded well in the posts, without being showed at you unnecessarily too often.

His take on fairness cream ads, Poonam Pandey and many other current issues are not just humorous but also hard hitting posts with gusto. Be it about THE ATTACK OF BBM PINS or HOW IMPORTANT IS IT TO FIND YOUR ELEMENT, the posts are wonderful to read. I wish Tejas would post more often than he does now, but then quality is more important than quantity. That way he is the winner. Good luck with your blogging conquests Tejas Harad. 


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