Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nova - Bangalore IVF Baby Meet

There have been thousands of challenges I have faced being a mom. But there is nothing in this whole mad mad world that would make me regret having these two beautiful people in my life. If not for them, I am not sure how much my life was worth living.
Having loved my two children, I can understand the eagerness of moms and dads who want to have a baby of their own. Everyone may come up with thousands of arguments, but it will never be enough to stop people to have a child of their own. Often, that we fail to give them enough acceptance, attention, love, care and understanding is a different issue altogether.

I was invited to attend the Nova Bangalore IVF Baby Meet by Ripple Links a few days ago. What a pleasure it was to see happy parents and grandparents with their lovely little ones! As I entered the venue, I saw people being escorted to the registration desk where they signed in and also presented their written testimonials of their experience. After registration, they were photographed with their lovely babies to create an amazing memento, to be treasured for life.
Those who had to struggle to have a baby of their own know the pain of not having one as well. The months of waiting, disappointment which finally leads to the joy of holding the baby in arms is made possible by medical advancement. The highlight of the groups were twins, dressed identically. Most of the children were attracted to the play area set up for them.

A pediatrician and a nutritionist guided the parents regarding care-taking of their babies. Dr. V. Krishnan in his own humorous way explained the ‘Common Problems in Toddlers’ to eager parents who wanted to give the best to their children. He patiently answered all the queries throw his way. 

Later Mrs. Jyothi Prasad, a Nutritionist explained about the ‘Nutritional Values for Toddlers’ in the common man language which made things easier for parents to understand. This was followed by a cake cutting ceremony & a puppet show as entertainment for the kids. It was a delight to watch the children imitate the dances of puppets. They jumped with their tiny feet and swayed to the beats.
The program ended with amazing high tea.

I did not get any printed memento from the event, but the smiles, pride and joy expressed by the parents holding their precious little ones was no less. It will remain etched on my memory for a long time to come. 


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