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The picture says it all..........................................

I have always taken pride in being on time everywhere so far. Lately, it has almost become impossible for me to anywhere on time (give and take 10 minutes). Bangalore traffic has become so unpredictable that either I am quite early or late. It was no different Friday evening. I am not sure, but the roads seemed to be crazily packed as though there was an exodus moving on the streets of Bangalore. My plan of attending an important meeting before registering to meet had to be dropped down half way, yet we couldn’t get to the event before 6.15 p.m.
I was kind of upset and frustrated at the time wasted on roads doing nothing, having missed my meeting and upon that being late to the event as well. But once you see the familiar faces of bloggers, you just tend to lighten up (like the gadgets) and feel happy.
Indibloggers meet has a special appeal to me, especially because Farheena has become a part of Indibloggers as well.  As we walked in the ITC Gardenia, we were once again taken in by the ambience of this amazing place. No matter how many times you visit the place, it doesn’t fail to mesmerize you every time you set your foot in there.
We had some time to chat with friends before Indiblogger team took to stage. I am worried that soon Indibloggers will desert us bloggers and take to music. Seriously guys! They entertained us with some amazing songs and good music for free!

Followed by music, was an amazing game for us by Anoop. We had to approach another blogger and convince them to give away their personal item to us. Believe me people; I haven’t enjoyed anything in months as much as I did by collecting things from reluctant people. I also learned that, though initially people are reluctant, they do give you something if you are convincing or persistent (No one is allowed to say I threatened) with them.  Now look at the things I collected.

Extremely Happy With My Collection
There are personal photographs, diabetic pill, air ticket, hair, money, phone cover, pens landmark card, bangle, e-tickets Nivea cream, and other items. Hearty thanks to every blogger who parted with their stuff. 
Considering the generosity shown by people to me, I may take up begging as profession in future. Why work hard when you can convince people to part with their personal belongings? More than the voucher I got for collecting highest number of things, I have this pleasant feeling that people actually gave me something.
Then we had presentation by Asus who explained to us the attractive features of their product.
I am hooked up for a review of Asus Zenfone 5 (Deep Black) which was to be delivered to me by BlueDart before 11 a.m. on the day of the #GoSleeekAsusExperienceIndiblogger meet.  After receiving a call by the courier guy, the package never arrived. So I was off to the meet without having a glimpse of the Asus gadget. Honestly, the Zenfone 5 is the first Asus product I am using and I am already awe inspired by the price tag.

Key Features of Asus Zenfone 5 A502CG
·         5-inch Touchscreen
·         Expandable Storage Capacity of 64 GB
·         8 MP Primary Camera
·         0.3 MP Secondary Camera
·         Android v4.4 (KitKat) OS
·         Dual Standby Sim (GSM + WCDMA)
·         1.2 GHz Intel Atom Z2520 Dual Core Processor
·         Wi-Fi Enabled
All this for just 8500/-?

 A little about Asus PC and Asus laptop. 

First they make me feel bad about not taking my yoga or diet seriously. Next, they come with features like battery power back up PC for Indian power cuts, motion sensor feature for those greasy hands you have when you cook from scratch in your kitchen and light sleek appearance so that you can squeeze through crowds along with your gadgets.

Questions were asked and questions were answered about Asus products. Off course some questions were avoided as well.  

Finally we were allowed to use and check out the Asus products and read their brochures.

Technology was followed again with fun. Bloggers were divided into groups to perform skits promoting blogging.  We not only enjoyed performing our own skits, but also enjoyed great performance from other groups as well. Bloggers are quite fun, especially when they are writing for a blogging contest,
Great dinner and cool journey back home. Looking for the second meet of 2015 from Indiblogger already! You rock Indiblogger!


  1. I never been to a meet .. I wish they do it in uk I so want to attend never been to one

    and looks to be a great device


  2. I'm glad you and your daughter enjoyed the event. And who doesn't like new toys?! :)


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