Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Something from my school days again ;)...


An ever smiling face

Is a very beautiful thing

It wins everyone’s grace

And makes every heart sing

Smile gives face a charm

Making it look pretty as dove

Face that is smiling and calm

Above everything I love

Do not lose any opportunity

When you can win hearts with smile

Smile is a gift to humanity

No animal can ever smile

Ugliest is the face sour

Smiling face is fine

It is prettier than the stars

Prettier than the moon that shines........


Farida Rizwan

Psst.. It is my daughter and Mom in the picture above enjoying being together!!!


  1. nice to know that u used to write poems even as a school kid. even I did.

    beautiful theme and beautifully done.

  2. I love your words. It is beautifully written. That is a very precious photo of your mom and daughter. They look so happy and smiling. It suits your words perfectly!

  3. Keep smiling, keep shining.. have a fabulous New Year...

  4. Meenakshi.. I wrote most of the poems before my kids entered my life. After that there have been very few of them scattered here or there...

    Rae - That photo was clicked by one of our American friends who was visiting us to attend a wedding. She gave it to me two years ago and I felt so overwhelmed ... I lost my Mom shortly after that photo was clicked.. Saw your touching post about your dad today..

    BM- thank you so much for your good wishes but I don't know whether I will ever enjoy the new year again. Check for my next blog.

  5. wonderful photo...generation apart but smiles connect them...great write

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