Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Response of Cancer Survivors to my Previous Blog Post.

The Response of Cancer Survivors to my Previous Blog Post, goes on to prove that, it has not made many of the survivors happy which means I am not the only one who feels that way.

Thank you friends for sharing your thoughts.

I completely agree with you, and really have nothing more to add.. honestly.
well said. I too have other things on my mind at any given moment than cancer, and don't need a viral message to express that.
Plus, I get weary and pissy at anything that TELLS me to forward this, post that. blah blah..

Deb White

I think the one that got me was the "go braless" for a day for breast cancer support. Really?? Like that's going to help ME, no breasts, lost them both. I hear you LOUD and clear, Farida, and I know people want to show their support in some way, but I have to totally agree with something you said. Instead of wasting their energy on something that truly doesn't help anyone but themself, drive a woman to treatments, clean her house, mow her yard, heck, scrub her toilet for her. Or get educated and help raise funds to kick cancer's a**! Great post! Thanks once again for your wonderful insight on an issue that has been bugging me for months! I absolutely hate things that are supposed to make you feel guilty if you don't pass it along or post it yourself, whether it be for cancer or any other subject matter. Guilt is my pet peeve, I don't like that game.
Love, Vernie

I actually did not agree that it meant that we don't want the things that other people want. I took it to mean that people are fixated on material things and to take some time to think about others that have to deal with life/ death decisions, not which phone to get. I think people jump on the bandwagon with these token messages and braless days thinking it will help us in some way. Maybe it makes people think twice who complain they bought the wrong kind of phone and petty thing like that.. Who knows. I like Vernie's suggestion that if they want to help , there are plenty of ways to do it , not to just give it lip service.
Beijos , xxxx's in Portuguese.

Agree with you on all points. I often see those posts and wonder how it is supposed to help me. Greedy me would like a new car and a holiday would be great but I can't have everything, secondary cancer will have to be enough. Oh I just read lose weight bit, I want that one too as I'm sure the extra 20+ kilos I've gained on chemo is doing wonders for my fragile skeleton..I want everything lol
I never forward any of those things...a stupid waste of time in my opinion..also I don't like the whole "PINK" campaigne. My cancer was so personal for me, I seldom talk about it and there are still people who don't know about my diagnosis and its been almost 11 years. I donate on a regular basis to my local cancer action..thats it..Have a good survivor day Ladies....Marilu

kudos to you Farida I agree with what you said and one of my big peeves is where is all the money that has been raised that is suppose to help find a cure. When I had my guide wire put in for my operation I walked around with a Styrofoam cup over the wire and taped to my breast for over an hour before surgery they couldn't come up with a better system than that with all the billions of dollars My donation is simple these days visit hospice do some baking read for someone who isn't able or just sit and talk Love and Light to all


  1. May God bless all survivors, their loved ones and the loved ones of those who didn't.

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