Thursday, December 20, 2012

Am I being slave to internet?

When I shifted to Bangalore few months ago, one of the things I was looking forward to was - online shopping. Back in Byndoor, I did not have option of home delivery, so if I really wanted to buy something, then I had to send it to my sister in laws home and collect it from there when I came over to Bangalore.
Many people told me that online shopping was not a good idea and I should not go ahead buying things without looking at them first. But I had my experience with online through Blogadda. I had won quite some gift vouchers in contests through which I could buy products from Myntra, Flipkart, Homeshope18, etc, which I had used to purchase things online. Other than a bad experience with GK Opticals, or few mistakes on part of posting right pictures from Flipkart for which they failed to compensate, my other online shopping has been very good. At times we do get excellent offers of coupons to shop from through sites like Cuponation which will give further benefits like 50% off, or flat 1000/- off on purchases from your favorite website like Jabong, Inkfruit, Myntra, Snapdeal and many more.
Once I shifted to Bangalore, I have started purchasing everything online, including my groceries. It is easier to sit in the comfort of my home and do window shopping. Off course it is going to help me gain those pounds (not British currency but the weight), but it saves time and money. I can walk around just for fun if I need exercise or even take up some proper exercising schedule.
We have cash on delivery, exchange offers and other benefits which I have taken advantage of for good shopping experience. I am being lazy and shopping easy not only for myself but also for my family. Recently my sister wanted a birthday gift for her son; I ordered it for her through Jabong. She paid cash and received it from her home. When I was shopping for her, my daughter fell for anklets she saw there. So I decided to gift it to her for her Eid present. The size fits her well and she loves them.
It is funny how I am slowly being dependent on internet for every work I do. I am earning online, keeping in touch with people online, I am totally google brained as I google for almost everything I want to know, I am spending my earning online, most of the transactions are taking online… and I am already dreading the day I will be without internet connection. 
I am not sure whether I should continue with this pattern or change to being more of an offline person………….. OH NO~~ I am looking for an answer to that online too LOL.

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  1. Well internet is the future .. slowly things will be more and more online then offline ..
    so you are doing goood :)

    I like this cash on delivery, I hope they do it here in uk too.. but then i guess the credit cards and other cards insure us against fraud maybe that why the facility wont have that much of a meaning here


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