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Presence Of Apps Replacing Presence Of Mind

This is one of those delicious food stories that I relish and enjoy as much as I enjoy good food. It took place in those dark ages when people did not have internet or apps to make through the day. They solely had to depend on their skills, intelligence and wit to get out of trouble. Wonder, how people survived back then? But they did and this is one of those stories where internet and apps did not come to the rescue of Susan.
Susan had many good qualities but people knew her as an amazing cook. She was famous for the Thanksgiving Turkey she cooked which was something very unique and delicious. Her dish was loved and cherished by anyone who tasted it. It was legacy that was passed down to her generation from her great great grandmother, but there was something very special the way Susan cooked it. She was a stout woman, struggling to make both ends meet. The sole purpose of her life was to find a man who would provide, love and care for her only daughter for whom she had survived all these years after losing her beloved Thomas.
Her daughter Delia grew into a very attractive and pretty young woman, who could win hearts easily. As days went by there were many suitors who sought her hand. One of these men was a well-educated young man who came from upper class of society. He was young, handsome and very polite. This was the man Susan would love to have as her son-in-law. But there was problem with the class. David was smitten by Delia, but his parents were hesitant to marry him to a girl who only had a poor mother living in a depleted house. But David was hell bent on marrying the pretty Delia and convinced his parents to meet Susan and her daughter for once.
He informed his beloved and her mother that they were coming over for the Friday night dinner at their home. Susan put in heart and soul to prepare the most lavish dinner she had done in years. She took great care to season and decorate her renowned Turkey which would win over everyone present. She had to fish out every penny to get the Turkey done the way she did it.
Dinner went fine and David’s parents looked happy. Though poor, Susan had class since she came from good family. Now was the time to bring out her trump card and seal the deal. She lovingly asked Delia to bring over the turkey to the dinner table. Being a bit nervous and excited, Delia made a mistake and she tripped over threshold. In her struggle to gain her balance the Turkey slipped from her hands and skidded on the floor. With the Turkey, Susan could see her dream falling down and breaking into pieces as well. Though her heart felt heavy, she did not lose her cool. She lovingly said, “Delia, you poor dear see what you have done? Good that I have another Turkey cooking in the oven. Let us discard this and get that for our guests”. Saying this, she picked up the Turkey and walked into the kitchen. No one ever got to know that there was just one Turkey, because Susan played out her part so cool. She had to because she had no apps or internet to resort to for those surprises life throws at us. 
You can very well guess what followed. Yes, Delia was accepted into the family and happily lived ever after. Susan the smart had saved the day with her presence of mind.
I may not be as smart as Susan, but there are many apps and internet to my rescue today. Recently, for the party I planned to serve fruit salad with cream custard. Unfortunately, as I was placing the bowl in the fridge, it slipped from my hand and drenched me, the refrigerator and the floor in its messy stickiness. After cleaning up and having a bath, I had no strength left in me to cook, but I had just enough strength to click on mobile and order food online. Life is simple and easy even for dumb and dumbest with apps to the rescue.
With Tiny Owl bigger food problems have easy tiny solutions. With just a tap I can have anything from Dosa to Donut, Pasta to Paratha, served to me at my home from restaurants of my choice. The procedure is from installation to placing order is quite easy. Check out my installation story.
I log into Google Play and search for Tiny Owl. I also have the option of downloading on my iPad2
The app has cut through the clutter to give us a simple, tactile and efficient interface to get your favorite food home.

Soon the app is ready to use.

Here you see it on my home screen


I had the option of choosing my location as well.


What a great choice. I could pick food from the best restaurants with varied cuisines and price points in and around various areas south Bangalore.

I can now pay either via cash, or if that is too much a hassle, via card- both Credit & Debit.
For future order the smart owl saves all of my orders and addresses, so I don’t have to type it anew each time.

Now to wait for the delivery man to ring my door bell.
How easy is that! But then with all the easy way out, I may never get to think and be smart like Susan ever. But who cares as long as the aroma of good food floats around. 



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    Very informative post . Fantastic . Thanks for sharing with us.
    What about your progress? In clash of clans. :)

  2. Thanks . This app sounds good. Fetch location automatically,


  3. I would like to use this app. Actually I like foodie things.

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    Fantastic Post.. . Thanks for sharing useful information with us.

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  6. Thanks for the post @admin. I found this post rather very interesting and informative.

  7. I found this post rather very interesting and informative.

    Thanks for sharing valuable content.

  8. Thanks for this amazing app. Did you provide service in Delhi?


  9. i found the post very informative,ThankYou

  10. What are some of the best real life examples of presence of mind witnessed by you?

  11. What are some of the best real life examples of presence of mind witnessed by you?



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