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A bubbly young entrepreneur with a dashing smile - Anjali Ajaikumar

I first met Anjali Ajaikumar, a young woman in her 20s with impressive smile, in the cancer support group, The Pink Hope. I wondered what could be the connection of a dynamic, lively, sparkling, and bubbling young woman to cancer survivor's group. To my amazement, I later learned that though only 27, she is the director of the HCG Foundation. Though many people of her age are just beginning their careers, she has already worked in USA, London and Spain. Unlike many NRI’s who love working in foreign land, Anjali found the life monotonous and boring there. She came back to India to work in her father’shospital. 

Not being satisfied with just giving the best treatment to the cancer patients who throng the hospital, she has found innovative ways to make the hospital a better place for survivors.  She is the young lady, who under able guidance of her mother Dr. Bhagya Ajaikumar has used art therapy to bring cheers to the hospital premises. HCG organizes various art exhibitions around Bangalore which involves biomedical industry giants like General Electrics, Siemens and Reddy’s who join hands to raise funds for cancer patients who are economically challenged.
HCG has a permanent art exhibition in their premises - Swasti Contemporary Art Gallery is a fundraising initiative started by HCG Foundation in 2006 from which the profits go to provide financial assistance to cancer patients struggling to meet their medical expenses.  The hospital hosts Music Mondays, every alternate week where musicians perform live. Anjali believes that music and art go a long way in healing people. Her enthusiasm has created a happy and lively atmosphere in the place which usually is dulled by pain and sickness. Bubbling with innovative ideas, she designed the dress for the staff of HCG, keeping their comfort in mind and yet giving it an Indian touch. 
Her fervor has seen a play titled ‘The Bend in the Road’ which tries to create awareness among the mass through humor becoming a hit. It was organized by The Pink Hope Support Group and HCG Foundation, in association with Movenpick Hotels & Spa Bangalore. The play is wholly scripted and enacted by cancer survivors and the funds raised is used to treat cancer patients at HCG.
Though she appears like a pampered kid, the entrepreneur in her does not lay hidden for long. Born and brought up US, shegraduated from Massachusets, USA. She further has a degree in politics and international relations.  She speaks fluently in Kannada showing us that she has not forgotten her roots.  

Being a breast cancer survivor, I find the work done by Anjali in both supporting the cancer patients and creating awareness about cancer very commendable. She sure deserves to be in the list of WEII.

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A peep into initiatives of HCG Bangalore


  1. thats really interesting ,at the age of 27 she is doing miraculous, salute such people who return back india.. i hear very less people come back india

  2. I would estimate that about 98% of them, if successful in the long run, are opportunists and not entrepreneurs.

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