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#YDSuccessStories - My Story

“My counselor did not criticize me like others; she was the only one to support me in my most important decision of life.”

Where it started?

Jamie, a 27 years old transgender from France was on the hospital bed, scared and perplexed. He was going to get operated in a few hours. It was the life changing operation. He was about to undergo a gender transference surgery and was missing his close ones.

He was about to take the final injection in a couple of hours. He was feeling quite lonely and wanted someone to be there with him. Although he was sure of his decision, he wanted a friend to be on his side as he was slightly nervous. Changing his gender was a life changing event and he was seeking some comfort.

“As it was the biggest decision of my life, I wished for someone to be there with me, to say a few reassuring words. After all, this was the point of no return.”

That is when Jamie approached YourDOST.

Jamie got connected to YourDost expert Farida Rizwan. Jamie asked Farida if she would be able to help him with the anxieties before a gender transfer surgery.

“When my counsellor told me that she had friends who were transgenders and that they had helped her immensely in a social campaign, I felt very relaxed and understood that she would be able to understand and support me”

Jamie shared his concerns of the impending surgery and the reasons behind this decision with her. He said he had for long felt that he was a woman trapped inside a man’s body. He said he thinks like a woman, feels like a woman. Due to this, when he was growing up, his family and friends were not able to understand him properly. They often felt that he was being too feminine. This had troubled him and he felt like an outsider most of the time.

Later, when he understood his situation, he decided on the surgery after talking to his doctor as it looked like a way to make his life better. But at this point, none of his friends or family came forward to support him emotionally.

YourDost expert Farida understood that he was feeling abandoned and was seeking a feeling of reassurance. She knew how most transgenders had to face issues of acceptance in the society and could relate to Jamie's pain. She listened to him patiently and told him that she will be there with him throughout the surgery and he would not feel lonely.

She asked him if he was completely sure of his decision. Jamie replied with a firm yes. He said he was sure but was slightly intimidated by the surgery process. Also, he hoped that once it was done, his parents and friends accept him back in their lives. He said that he would really like to tell them how much this means to him, how he can be a better child & a better friend.

Expert Farida asked him if he would like her to try calling his friend or family member to talk. Jamie said that would be great. He shared their number with her and then, Farida reached out to his childhood friend and mother. introduced herself and asked if they had some time to talk about Jamie. She told them individually the mental agony he was going through and his deep wish to be understood by his family and friends. She told them how their few kind words could help him immensely. Post this, she connected back to Jamie and told him about the calls.

“When my counselor said that she was proud of me and of my decision to accept myself totally, I felt wonderful. It made me ready to go through the surgery.”

He felt secured and warm with the session. He thanked Expert Farida for not judging him. Farida told him that she was happy to be a part of Jamie's life changing time. She encouraged him with motivating words and examples of other successful transgenders.

“My counselor stood by me as a friend. She assured me this step that I have planned to take will be the best decision of my life.”

Where is he now?

Jamie is now a beautiful and confident woman. She is very happy that she went ahead with the surgery. She plans to become a motivational speaker and is into charity. She is sure that she can encourage other people to follow their heart.

Note: The above is an example of cases that are resolved by YourDOST counselors. The names and locations have been changed to maintain confidentiality.


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