Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tata Hexa – The Car With Sixth Sense

In one word, Tata Hexa is a car with senses of its own, or that is the man behind the wheel taking me on the exciting off road tour at Bengaluru made believe.
As I stood the side watching the cars climb the steep tracks, come down and enter a water filled pit, I had half a mind to turn my back to it and go home. Somehow, my daughter who got special permission to experience the ride was so excited that I had to delete the thought as though it was one of that forwards used for phishing. But honestly, when inside the sturdy beast, there was little I felt of the bumpy ride and it was not scary for sure.  

The whole of the experience began with an invitation from Indiblogger and Tata Motors Limited to join in and experience the Hextraordinary! This was the event where a host of Tata brands coming together at the 'Hexa Experience Centre', where I could fully experience the power-packed, feature loaded and adrenaline pumped Hexa. The event promised an off-road track, entertainment, shopping, a kids play area, refreshments and an all-round hextraordinary day!
Since the event was on the opposite side of Bangalore, I was a bit hesitant to travel all way through the now crazy Bengaluru traffic, but having a look at the new Hexa and experience one of its kind off road track was too tempting to let go off.
Since Farheena had an invitation as well, I decided to tag along my husband for the first ever event connected to blogging. Our driver who loves the Innova he drives also wanted to check the new competitor to his pet vehicle as well. It turned out be an unforgettable and pleasant experience for my family.. all of us who were awed by the new sturdy, smart, and dependable car. Actually, I have to appreciate the effort of Tata’s in bringing out a car that is so awesome that 3 people who accompanied me with the sole intention of criticizing it, did not have a word to say at the end of the experience.

After registering with the Indibloggers and Tata Experience desk, I was attracted to the Chroma Stall which had many new seductive gadgets beckoning me. I was able to check out a few gadgets there which is always a pleasure. I recorded the surrounding to show it Rayyan (my son) who was missing the event due to prior commitment. 

It had everything to stop grumpiness from creeping in for the young and old alike. Tea and Coffee were served for the visitors. You could buy food from other stalls if needed.
I have a feeling that the pets got more attention and love than the Hexa itself. WOW! It was very obvious that they were loving the attention.
After enjoying some music, and songs from future stars(?) and other entertainment, the moment of enjoying off road experience arrived.

It was a sight to behold watching the sturdy beasts lining up one after the other for the adventure to happen.

The organizers were very friendly and helpful allowing me to take Farheena along with me on the ride. I was not sure whether to take her not, considering her fear of loud sounds and even balloons, but she decided she wanted to experience the ride and promised me that she will not panic. I knew that she will keep her promise so we went ahead.

Farheena was another attention getter in the set up with all making fuss over her comfort and ensuring she is safe with the seat belt around her. As we started the journey in the car, we were explained all the details regarding the car and how it handles rough and tough terrains off road as well. It did not take much to convince the riders because as the saying goes “SEEING IS BELEIVING” and here it was Seeing and also Experiencing what to expect and there was no way you were not going to believe.

Once the foot hits the pedal, it is like a beast you trust that comes alive. The way the car handled all the challenges thrown at it off road, I am very confident that it will handle any Indian road without any hiccup. If you are a driver with confidence and calibre to handle off roads on four wheels, this vehicle is sure going to match your spirit of adventure in India or anywhere else.

Farheena enjoying the ride thoroughly without panicking through the ups and down, balancing on two wheels, etc proved the car is really trustworthy and dependable. I am also very proud of my daughter who did not back off from the commitment she made to check out the off road experience.

Just watch how the car makes a smooth sail through the pit which looks like any on Indian roads after the monsoon creates havoc. Farheena did not even wince a bit, because from inside the car, it was much smoother and easier than it looks from outside. Unfortunately, we could not get our on-road experience since there were too many bookings ahead of us. Next time....  

After an amazing experience which was made pleasant by Mr. Manick (Hope I got the spelling right there) who ensured Farheena could enjoy her ride as well, it was time to head back home. A Sunday evening to remember for sure. 

Now to have a look at why I call it a car with six senses .. 

If you are one of those who regret having missed the real experience, just go for the online #HexaExperience. 

Some pictures I clicked at the event when I was not lost in admiring the awesome Hexa in front of me...

It looks burden carrier.. for those outdoor people, there is no better choice. 


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