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100 Rays Of Son - 97

Be The Worthy One

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OMG! We are almost reaching the end of the series! There are so many more interesting stories to share but I have to somehow stop after 4 more. I am having tough time choosing the last four. I never realized that my relationships with everyone will be redefined when I started writing these posts. This has been a great experience for me, though for a few times it was stressing for lack of internet speed and power cut which almost made it a last minute rush to keep the posts coming.
Since the launch of the MCU, the Mjolnir or Thor’s hammer has become very famous. Though I used to read a lot of Spider Man, Fantastic Four and Dare Devil comics I was not much into Thor. So, when I started hearing the sentence, “You are not worthy”, or “You are worthy” I was wondering why is this so familiar and why do I feel I have heard it before. I kept racking up my memories, because I knew it was very much closer than the Marvel comics when all of a sudden it hit me like a lightning bolt. It was in Florida, when we had dinner at a restaurant that I heard this from the lady who ran it.
Paula, my friend was a lady with grand ideas. Her goal was to make impossible to happen. One of her goal was for our group of ladybirds to have a Sari party with the 3 Indians, which was nickname for Rayyan, Farheena and me. It was so much fun when the ladybirds came, that I have forgotten the timeline of the events that took place. We had the sari party, ladybird themed game, and visit to Disney World. We had excited dogs and excited Farheena who kept asking, “People coming?” again and again. In all the hectic schedule, in between somewhere was thrown in a dinner at Family Restaurant (Not sure about the name) in Springhill. This was one of Paula’s favourite place and the cake we had there has so far remained the most favourite dessert for me. Rayyan agrees me on the super taste of this cake and I remember Judy was also very impressed by the taste.
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We, the group of ladybirds along with our families went to the restaurant for dinner and fun. Honestly, we were all a bit crazy and were enjoying to the fullest. Sharing stories, jokes and having a blast while enjoying the food as well. Farheena was shuffling between people, not sure where she should sit. There were too many wonderful people around and she did not want to miss out on anyone. Rayyan, choose a corner seat and was the only one who was being his natural self. He also kept serving water and passing on dishes to the corner where the lady who was in charge of the food was unable to go. As for us, Deb started her drama with a sausage and we were almost choking on our food. After a while, we were laughing for no reason as well. Lois, took in charge of Farheena and ensured that she had her food between the fun and laughter. Rayyan made sure that the dishes reached everyone and also helped the lady clean up the empty plates and serve the people.
As we were about to exit the restaurant, the lady came to me and started saying something which I couldn’t understand. It was too noisy with all of us talking and she was speaking with an accent I couldn’t follow easily. All I could see is that she was pointing at Rayyan most of the time and then few times at Farheena. Seeing my confusion, Paula came over quickly. I finally asked, “What did he do? Did something happen?” at which Paula threw me an angry look and was ready to defend Rayyan no matter what he had done. She found that question great insult to him and taunted me about it for many days. The lady looked at me angrily as well and said, “No, no, the child did not do anything bad. I meant he was such a darling helping me around and being so nice throughout the dinner. Even his sister is such a wonderful angel. I would like to gift them something from our store. Please don’t go, wait here”. Saying this, she left in a hurry. By then, Paula was very happy and proud because she always felt Rayyan and Farheena are her people, even closer to heart than I ever could get. The lady came back with her husband and introduced him to Rayyan and Farheena and gave them the Florida T-shirts and few antique jewellery for Farheena. She kept running to and fro to see what looked good on Farheena. She said, “Remember this is a present from us to the two most wonderful teenagers who have come to eat here. I am so happy to have them here today. Please don’t mind me saying this, but people from your region spoil children with too much of love. The children are so demanding and keep ordering us around. Even the parents keep asking them what they want from the menu, while they make fuss over the little choices available here. But this young man here is so different. He got up so often, to help me out. I hope you will be worthy of them and do not embarrass this child during your stay here”. Paula couldn’t hear what she said, but saw my changing mysterious expression and rushed to check out what was it all about. I told Paula that she told me that these two children were worthy of me. Off course she did not believe me, but we were already late and we had to leave. Paula was very happy and would share this story with many people whenever she had a chance with what the lady said to me, changing the way she wanted it to be. We took quite a while to get back into the cars. For once, Farheena completely ignored everyone and went away with Lois, without any help from Rayyan.
Now, when the hammer, its worthiness and the phrase became popular, I would be constantly reminded of the lady and what she said to me, though I have no clue why she said that. I am a great mom, but then most of the time people nonetheless look at me like I am not worthy of these two children and I cannot lift them to prove my worthiness either. A good memory though which I loved sharing.

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Farheena's happiest memories are of Sari Party
Image may contain: 2 people, including Sandy Overholt, people smiling
A special gift Rayyan treasures
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Arriving at the restaurant

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The calm before the storm 

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Checking menu

Image may contain: 3 people, including Judy Friedkin, people smiling, people sitting, drink, table and indoor
The fun is to begin

Image may contain: Sandy Overholt and Deb Rizor White, people smiling, people sitting, table, drink and indoor
Deb made everyone around her go crazy

Image may contain: 2 people, including Deb Rizor White, people smiling, people standing and outdoor
Some dramatic narration

Image may contain: Deb Rizor White, Sandy Overholt and Farida Rizwan, people standing, tree, plant, outdoor and nature
Begging Paula for breakfast

Image may contain: 3 people, including Farida Rizwan, people smiling, people standing
In saris and suit

Image may contain: 3 people, people sitting, table, drink and indoor
Friends close to our hearts forever


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