Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Is a Great Lie.

Children should be loved and protected.. not thrown away like garbage. Shame on us !

This incident took place when I was 15 yrs of age. So far nothing has made me change my mind……..

Darwin’s Theory of Evolution Is a Great Lie

Some may believe, some may not believe in Darwin’s theory of evolution, but I have decided very strongly that human race did not evolve from the very source that monkeys evolved. For sure these creatures are not our ancestors. There are many differences and one of them is so great that I have always failed to close the gap between us.
A certain day in my life forced me call the great Darwin a liar. It so happened one morning, a man going to his fields heard an infant crying non-stop. His curiosity awoke, he went in search of source of the sound and found an infant barely a day old thrown on the railway track. The helpless little soul was yet alive, thanks to the famous Indian railways which always sees to it that the trains don’t arrive on time so that anyone contemplating suicide on the tracks gets a chance to ponder over and change their mind. This policy had prevented the huge monster from mauling the small wailing baby, but the ants did not follow this policy and had been prompt and on time to nibble and devour the just born fresh skin. Helpless and unable to anything else, all that the discarded one could do was to wail at the top of his voice which even at the top was very frail. The morning wind was piercing cold and had been attacking the angel mercilessly, turning his snowy color to blue. The man forgot his fields, picked up the baby and brought him home. But, Alas!!!! It was already too late to save him. He was born just to suffer the torture of few hours. No one ever cuddled him, dressed him, fed him nor loved him. When our maid narrated this tragic tale like the headline of the day, which would be replaced by something on the next morning, I just turned away from her to hide my tears. Through my window I could see some monkeys happily prancing away. Then suddenly I saw something which shook my soul and conscience quite roughly. There on the top of the roofs among the monkeys going ahead in search of food and mischief was a monkey with a baby which was lifeless. The mother refused to accept the fact and continuously made efforts to make its little darling cling to its womb as it did before the cruel death had slurped all its strength. The monotonous failing did not deter her. She tried again and again, to feed her baby from her breast or some food she found. Struggling thus with her dead baby she kept moving ahead and disappeared in the vast world leaving me behind to ponder over the theory of Darwin. Do we humans who throw away our live infants, who kill, murder and torture the young kids belong to this clan who loved their dead babies so much???????

PhotobucketDarwin may have a lot of proofs for his theory but I refuse to accept any of them.


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