Sunday, October 18, 2009

Self Help – The only help that works

All were with me sharing my joy
And most of time I was so happy
Suddenly I fell in a pool of sorrow
For I slipped walking carelessly

Those who I considered my people
Laughed away at my pitiful plight
When I was suffering in the dark
They teased me instead of giving some light

There was no one to help me out
I was left to suffer all alone
All lights around me slowly faded
All I could do was sit there and mourn

Again and again I kept calling for help
But I had lost all those trusted friends
Suddenly I realized ‘I’ could help myself
With self help all the darkness ends

I steeled up and grew to be strong
And helped myself out of the plight
Said the glow worm to me smiling
Burn your butt if you need light…

By: Farida Rizwan


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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