Sunday, October 18, 2009

Self Help – The only help that works

All were with me sharing my joy
And most of time I was so happy
Suddenly I fell in a pool of sorrow
For I slipped walking carelessly

Those who I considered my people
Laughed away at my pitiful plight
When I was suffering in the dark
They teased me instead of giving some light

There was no one to help me out
I was left to suffer all alone
All lights around me slowly faded
All I could do was sit there and mourn

Again and again I kept calling for help
But I had lost all those trusted friends
Suddenly I realized ‘I’ could help myself
With self help all the darkness ends

I steeled up and grew to be strong
And helped myself out of the plight
Said the glow worm to me smiling
Burn your butt if you need light…

By: Farida Rizwan


  1. Good poem, I can relate, I'm learning to Be Me too...

  2. I just love this! It reminds me of the time that I slipped and broke my ankle while out running, and I am sure that I heard cows laughing that morning!
    But on saying that, I can also see another side to it. Do you know the poem that goes something like.
    Stay with me Lord,
    Throughout this night,
    My tiny spark of light grows dim.
    Anyway, it was one of the First World War Poets that wrote it, and the gest of it is, is were there is light, there is hope!

  3. Dear Farida,
    This poem is simply amazing...Most of my teenage and middle age life has been eventful...Around the time I came out pre-university course my physics Sir called me and gave me a letter...he wrote many good things about me...but the only thing I till date remember is "Self pity is sin...don't lose yourself....turn back and reinvent yourself...." Well that is what we are called for isn't it like the glow worm burn the butt but lead lonely light...:)

  4. This is all about the pit I fell into as a teen (14 yrs I think)... I still remember the terrible time I had been through but then finally one fine day I pulled myself out of the pit and sat down to write this ... So that I will remember the lesson I learnt.
    Thank you everyone for the encouragement. I am feeling more and more confident to share my feelings on this blog.

  5. love it Thanks for all the encouragemen

  6. Nice poem Farida. Let me share this with you that at the end of the day we are alone pretty alone. If there is anyone in this world who can be our true friend or soul mate it is our life partner. We may feel bad about the fact that even our children are not exactly always there for us. As you would appreciate, how much time are we able to give to our parents, brothers, sisters or even friends? Are we always there when they need us or it is just that that by spending sometime with them during our holidays we feel that we have done our bit? And let us be truthful. Do forgive me for being so blunt.


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