Sunday, May 29, 2011

15 years and counting... Wow!

15 years ago when I walked in to the hospital to be operated upon for the removal of breast cancer tumor, I never imagined I will be blogging about it after 15 years. I did not know computers, I did not know blog and had not much hope of surviving this terrible disease back then.
Today I am grateful to God and all the people around me who have in some way or other contributed for my survival today. Yesterday, while celebrating a party for Farheena, I all of a sudden remembered it is my BC anniversary. Lately I have been living in a way that I have almost forgotten that I had once been through cancer.
I am busy getting my son into a final career oriented course, getting my daughter ready for her adult life, being focused on what I need to do for my own self actualization etc. Mere survival is not important anymore. As for me I want to finish my M.A (Psychology) and then go for PhD. The goal itself is so motivating for survival. After giving up my studies when I got married according to the wishes of my parents, I never imagined to take it up after 23 years and that too ààsuccessfully. So far my results have been very good. When I think back on the day I went for my surgery I now realize that God had better plans for me than my prayers to him.

For all those who are going through tough times, my advice is to hold and hang on to anything (even the last straw if possible) until the good tide comes over. God has much better plans for you at times than the best of your prayers.


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