Monday, May 16, 2011

Why my blog has been neglected?

I haven't been much on my blog nor on any others from past few months. First I went through very bad phase of fractures on my feet. There were three of them and I was pissed off to sit down and do some good thinking to share with my blog friends.
Followed by it my husband came down from Sharjah and was here for 3 1/2 months which again was not good for making of the blogs.
Finally it was for a good cause of preparing the students for the exams, correcting papers and finally preparing for my own exams and executing them. Going back to my studies which is my true passion has meant a lot to me. Thanks to my son who encouraged me take up studies, I feel so glad and happy about myself at the moment.

I will soon be back to writing and reading blogs because I have nothing much to do now. ;)


  1. hey welcome back!

    passed thru byndoor fortnight back on my way to vittal near mangalore and again last week on my way back to mumbai!

  2. Welcome back!!!
    Good Luck with your studies:)
    Sorry to hear about your fractures... Take care.

  3. welcome back... and take care :)

  4. miss you , hope to return more frequently as I come to grips with the changes.

    Heal and be well.


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