Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Dawn

Morning is a miracle which wipes out darkness and colors the world to makes it shine. Ever since my childhood, I have enjoyed watching the darkness slowly giving way to light. When I am into bad times, I know it is a passing phase and dawn is waiting around the corner…Early morning, filled with cool fresh air and sound of chirping birds is one of the most beautiful creations of God. If you have been missing it, wake up early tomorrow morning and just watch the sunrise…

I am sharing with you a poem written by me when I was in high school.


Lady Morn’ decided to wake up

From east dawn opened the gate

All the stars vanished from the blue cup

Fearing that, they would be late.

Darkness was wiped off world’s face

As dawn flooded in light

She walked now at a hurried pace

To make everything look new and bright

On leaves and flowers shine

Pretty lovely droplets of dew

Landed from sky; yet so fine

Not broken, nor they have any bruise

From trees songs we can hear

Songs of birds leaving their beds

The time for the arrival of Sun had come near

He showed his face blushed red

On the clouds the Sun poured

Golden water with care and love

With golden hue now covered

Happily the clouds welcomed him above

In sunlight smiled the earth

Flowers, trees, hills and also sand

It was as though dawn had given birth

To a new lovely fairyland.

By: Farida Rizwan.


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