Monday, November 7, 2011


I feel sad and lonely


I can’t speak now, though I try
If I try harder, I will have to cry
Do not assume I am rude, don’t say I am bad
It is just in my heart I feel very sad

My dreams are not just broken. Look on!
They are dead and completely gone
I can’t face the picture of real you
Oh! This horror cannot be true

The shock is severe and I can’t complain
With pursed lips I am bearing all the pain
Please Oh! Please, don’t ask me ‘why?’
In answer I may just cry

With the pain I am dumbfounded
My silence doesn’t mean I am proud
I feel as though I am chased and hounded
By a pain filled dark cloud………..

Words are lost when there is pain in heart
Emotions run rampant and tear it apart
When I am silent it does not mean I am hard
It is just the way I behave, when I am sad
By :
     Farida Rizwan


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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