Thursday, November 10, 2011

Discover the Magic of Shopping with QVENDO!

Discovering the exclusive the invitation-only Private Shopping Club QVENDO has been an amazing experience for mer. Sorry to say that my financial situation at the moment has not allowed me to shop anything, but the temptations have been lingering in my mind.
Every Mom feels her kids are unique and she yearns to give them things which are exclusive for them. I feel my kids ( two youngsters: daughter 16 and son 20) deserve the best and the products on QVENDO are something that I wish I could buy for them. Last time when I wrote the contest post for QVENDO, I did run amok with my wish list of things. I could not keep away from the site so have been lingering there looking at the products. Recently the site has been updated and there were few amazing products on the catalogue which caught my attention. So, without adding much to the already big list, I decided to create a sensible wish list with the products available now, so that I could sometime actually buy them for my children without having to wait for the lottery. 
I would love to hear from my readers about their own wishlist. This link would help you to create one of your own This is a VIP link for the Indibloggers. Wow!

Here is my reality Wish List for my family which is mostly for my youngsters.

The Pink Poodle Bag German Couture-Tuning-Krefeld-Blue purse will go well with most of the dresses my daughter and I wear. The colors are cool are soft on the eyes too. That makes place on my reality wish list.
Pink Poodle Bag Celebrity-Challenge-Reese-Ocean

 If not I would go this celebrity purse especially for my daughter. She would love to carry this around proudly. 
Pink Poodle Bag Funkyline-Jungle-Tuesday-Green - 330711BG
Pink Poodle Bag Funkyline-Jungle-Tuesday-Green 

This Tiger skin pattern has always caught my fancy, so this is something I would love to buy for myself. This attractive purse also selfishly enters my wish list. Its vibrant colors would go well with the dark and grand dresses and saris I wear for special occasions.  

Replay Silver, Red, Green Earrings - REW161P
The vibrant green color would make any young face look prettier. So this ear rings makes place in my wish list for my daughter. She has broad round face and big hangings always looks good on her.
Replay Silver Chain - RAC23745

This beautiful jewelry from Replay are perfect match for the casual wear my daughter loves to dress up in.

Luis Trenker T-Shirt Moritz White MenTrue Religion Jeans Bobby Super t Straight Med DrifterT
The Luis Trenker Shirt along with the True Religion Jeans is something every teen would fall in love with.  I think the would be animator would look great in this artistic pair. He could also wear this bracelet and one of the caps  to enhance his style further. 

Luis Trenker Sweater Carlo Black Men

These shirts from Luis Trenkers are something I would love to present to my son . It will  be good on him in the cool winters in Bangalore. They are styled in a way that he can wear them to his college. 

So I have been able to put an hold on my wishes and run amok among the products this time. As my daughter is loving her salwar suits, I have avoided adding clothes for her. I feel so proud of myself. 
My previous post on  QVENDO will give you a look into the style of my youngsters. Click HERE to check out my post. 

Finally there is something I cannot resist adding to the wishlist. 
Replay Jeans Blue, Silver Bracelet - RAB25721
You cannot deny any youngster the pleasure of wearing a Jeans bracelet
Hunter Rubber Boots Original Tall Classic Dark Olive Male/FemaleHunter Rubber Boots Regent Savoy Black Female
The latest Hunters collection is breathtaking .......................


  1. Beautiful green earrings :)
    Good luck :)

  2. Thank you Magiceye
    Ege- I think it would look fabulous on you too

  3. wow !!! this is small and very good wish list maa !!! I love the thinge you have selected !!!

  4. Very Stylish wishlist must say. Best of luck with the competition.

    Aye Zindagi!

  5. Thanks
    @ Rayyan - I know that you love things which have R on them... it would be great to buy them for you son

  6. You need to share few of Rayyan's things with me. Please!

  7. That is an awesome collection from the Qvendo. It looks like a wonderful site for people to shop from. Very impressive.

  8. @ Sameer - OK

    Yes it looks like an awesome site for shopping if you earn enough ;)


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