Monday, November 7, 2011


I feel sad and lonely


I can’t speak now, though I try
If I try harder, I will have to cry
Do not assume I am rude, don’t say I am bad
It is just in my heart I feel very sad

My dreams are not just broken. Look on!
They are dead and completely gone
I can’t face the picture of real you
Oh! This horror cannot be true

The shock is severe and I can’t complain
With pursed lips I am bearing all the pain
Please Oh! Please, don’t ask me ‘why?’
In answer I may just cry

With the pain I am dumbfounded
My silence doesn’t mean I am proud
I feel as though I am chased and hounded
By a pain filled dark cloud………..

Words are lost when there is pain in heart
Emotions run rampant and tear it apart
When I am silent it does not mean I am hard
It is just the way I behave, when I am sad
By :
     Farida Rizwan


  1. that was touching heart. Farida, well expressed.

  2. Beautiful poem.

    I think I can relate to some of it.

  3. Thank you Sushma.

    I think whoever has felt pain will be able to relate to it Dina

  4. Faridaji,

    I can relate to your pain. But somewhere deep within, I feel that it is such times of hardship that make us who we are. And who knows that better than you. Just like so many times before, this time will pass on, and we will see an even stronger Faridaji! :)

  5. Very good poem! Just the way I have felt so many times. And now when things changes around Jamal, I dont know what to do..


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