Friday, December 16, 2011

The story behind my profile picture………….

The Little Animator
Many people have asked me about my profile picture. Some have assumed that it is one of those software applications which have sketched it out for me. In fact, this is the birthday present from my son Rayyan, which is the best gift I have received from someone. This picture is very close to my heart and it is going to be my profile picture on bloggers, facebook, twitter, Indiblogger and other sites until he comes up with something better for me.
Rayyan has been interested in sketching and drawing since his childhood. He sketched me when he was three or four years old. 

He loved arts and wanted to make a career out of it. But knowing our education system, it is easy to guess it was not easy. People kept holding him back, discouraging him that this was not possible. Everyone said it is good for hobby, but not for profession. Though as a mother I supported him, I too made a lot of wrong decisions along with him and other people who had a say in our lives. Finally he is now doing Animation Engineering course in Arena, Bangalore. He sounds so happy with what he is doing even though he has to stay away from home.
Within weeks he surprised me with his work and I have been a proud Mom. He secretly sketched this photo and sent it to me on my birthday. It was a lovely present and I love it so much. Thank you so much Rayyan. Wish you all best in animation adventure…..



Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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