Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some More of Rayyan's Childhood Art

Instead of answering the following questions I had given him, Rayyan ended  up painting this picture

Surfing through the old pages I felt I should share some more of Rayyan's childhood art on my blog, especially after writing the previous post. He would spend a lot of time creating pictures or colors. It is sad that some of his art was lost when I shifted to Byndoor. There is so much of emotions hidden behind the art of every child. We need to have that special vision to look through them. 

After watching a cooking competition

After his first visit to Lalbagh

His choice was to draw -- always. 

When I was in being operated upon for Breast cancer, Rayyan sat down creating this art. Kind of brings tears to eyes. 

Another of those art which came out during my Cancer treatment

After first Independence day function

The day I came back home from surgery. You can see me up on the left side corner holding Rayyan's hand.

The bad chemotherapy day had everyone tensed. Rayyan came up with this art.

I remember the day he painted this. It was when I was done with chemotherapy and happily declared so.

After watching a magic show

After playing hide and seek

After his first Christmas Party

After being done crying watching the movie 'Titanic'

On his visit to Byndoor

After visiting a jail

Just a page from his notebook

After our first bonfire 


A visit to exhibition

We came across film shooting on our way home .. Rayyan's depiction of the shooting. 


These was what he called thoughts...


  1. Simply adorable art form such a young mind. Good you preserved it.

    Have sent you mail. Pls check

  2. A wonderful showcase for your son.

    Wishing you a peaceful Christmas season and a Blessed New Year.

  3. I am speechless, Farida...He is incredible...thoughts depicted through paintings, truly from the heart. Treasure his collection!

  4. Thank you for sharing your son's art, Farida. They are beautiful.

    Wishing you a merry christmas and a happy new year !

  5. A lot of stories told in a beautiful way :)

    He still paint?


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