Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Best Way to Get A Man Do Something is By Telling Him Not to Do it...

Shave or Crave campaign
W : Hi Honey! How was your day?
H: Good! It was hectic schedule but I could reach my goals, hit my targets and make myself free this weekend and add three more just us time to it. I am all yours sweet heart.
W: You mean you and your rough stubble?
H: Ha ha ha!! I like to sprout the stubble for a macho look it gives me. Without it my round face gets a baby faced cherubic look. You have to appreciate that I keep it well groomed, which gives a nice refined look. Don’t you know this is one of the lasting trends of facial hair that has been in fashion for ages? This scruffy, unshaven, perpetual three-day-shadow look makes my face interesting and makes everyone believe I am hard worker. I love the impression it creates, so that stays.
W : I think you are dashing in that stubble honey…. it has an edgy and dangerous appeal to me. When did I tell you that you should shave? Actually I want you to get some more of that roughed look. I was just thinking about the party we have today evening. You know my lean and mean friends from the fashion world? They all think that you look so attractive and sexy when you are shaven clean. They ogle and giggle among themselves making me uncomfortable. You remember the last time how Rintu snatched you away from me to dance for ages and lovingly touched your smooth cheeks? I almost killed both of you then ppfffttt! Please don’t shave honey!
H: We are having a party today? Wow! To think of it may be I should shave to get a good party look.
W: I think we are running out of time and you should come along with that stubble of yours. We don’t want to miss the fun, do we? By the way, all you want is to be admired by me and not other women.  
H: No darling! How is it possible to sport stubble for the party your friends are throwing? After all you have an image and status to maintain among them. I don’t want them to think that you make me work too hard. Do I have enough time to shave and shower before the party?
W: Oh no! I will miss your stubble honey. But I agree that you are right, we have to put good impression on my friends. Hurry up, you have just enough time to get that shave (and make me crave for you) and enjoy the party.
The smart wife knew that her man looked adorable in the designer stubble, on which he put great effort but she did not like the feel of it. The rugged hair on his lovely face was endearing to her heart, but she could not allow the wild beast on his face to scratch and bruise her smooth skin. Kissing his cheeks was something like kissing a hedgehog, which pulled her away from him. She would allow him to have whatever he wanted on the weekdays, but now when they were free and had all the time in the world for themselves, she wanted her man sleek, soft and smooth for the entertaining ‘Just Us’ time he had planned. She also very well knew that, though honest and dedicated husband to a beautiful wife, he loved it when he felt other women crave for him making her jealous. Furthermore, being a man, the best way to get him do something was to tell him not to do it.  He always fulfilled her wishes, but when it came to doing chores and grooming he was a person who wanted to assert himself and tell I will do what I like. His mother had revealed the secret to her daughter in law and she was using the weapon well to get him do things for her. She smiled to herself as he rushed to get the shave and shower for her without even realizing it.

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