Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stop Child Abuse Now

An abuser who is rude, may scar the child emotionally and physically for life

Statistics show that child sexual abuse crosses boundaries of race, culture, ethnicity, gender and sexuality, affecting all types of communities. Never go by the age appearance or profession of a person to totally trust them with your child.
It is wise for the parents to be aware about the people who are around their children. The caretaker, baby sitter, domestic help, driver, who show extra affection to the child or offer to carry them around, could be nice people who care for them, but they may also be potential abusers trying to win the trust of the child and parent. Watch them and observe how they behave and deal with the child when nobody is watching them. Observe the way they carry, touch or sit with the child. Many of these people, who have access to children in lonely places, are known to touch inappropriately, fondle or even rape the children. These are not shocking stray incidences, but happens very often in our society, especially by the people who are very familiar with the child.
They usually plan everything over and make enough efforts to win the confidence and trust of the parents before making their move. Your child is precious. Do not fall prey to the cunningness of child abusers, be alert and protect your child.  

Though putting fingers in children's mouth, making them sit between legs,or holding them too tight may not look like abuse to you because the child is not hurt, but it is not the way you are supposed to handle children. Watch out for such behaviors and put a stop to it immediately. 


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