Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Being lazy with internet shopping once again ;)

I have been missing on facebook from past few weeks, which should give everyone an idea about hectic life has been. I have taken few major decisions of life and it is eating up all my time. Thank God I am not regretting any of this.  For one thing I realized there is life beyond facebook too LOL.
I go through the bouts of laziness every now and then; especially when there is too much to do and I cannot manage it all at once. That is when I take a break and start playing computer games. Last Sunday was one of those days, when I did not want to enter the kitchen and cook dinner for anyone. I was willing to starve myself and my kids rather than go and cook even noodles. This is when the Ad of Foodpanda started to stare at me from the side of my internet page where I was busy playing online games. The ads can tempt you, especially when you hungry or lazy. So I decided to go ahead and try out ordering food from them.  Kids were relieved that they did not have to cook something for themselves on their own and encouraged me to try out the site.
After initial hiccup where I got registered on its Malaysian site, I finally created an account on their Indian site. I received an email which promised me to order, relax and get my food delivered to doorstep with no extra charge! They also had some free vouchers and exclusive discounts with the best restaurants. Fortunately the website had some amazing restaurants from my area and also offered benefits of free vouchers and exclusive discounts with the best restaurants in JP Nagar which is not so common.
So I took another step towards internet dependency and chose a restaurant to order us dinner. I logged on to the website, selected my city/area/subarea to check out the available deals. Selected what we wanted to have, selected the option of pay cash on delivery and clicked. Within minutes the order was confirmed and food delivered as promised to my doorstep. Everything cannot be positive, so the taste of the food was not up to our satisfaction, though the price was very reasonable.  Dinner was served without me having to do anything.  Definitely ordering food online is becoming more simple, easy and fun with everybody chipping in their demands.

Every website of e-shopping is taking it to the next level of comfort for the consumers. Always available live chat and phone line helps us clear our doubts and make our choices. How long will it be before we start choosing internet shopping over real shopping which requires travel on busy and unsafe roads, and standing in queues? Though I make conscious effort to keep away from internet shopping, especially prodded by my son Rayyan, who loves walking through malls, I am fast becoming an addict to the being lazy and shopping easy way. The auto drivers who are becoming more of a nuisance are contributing a lot to it. Farheena, with her limited mobility cannot walk much and during night time, the demands of auto drivers go above double meter charge when they see her. Though we love to go out and have nice time once in a while, internet shopping is tempting us to stay indoors and be lazy. Sigh!


Rayyan Lost in Laptop

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